From Ideal to reality.


Cobra is the perfect feeding pump quite similar as ideal feeding pump. It is efficient to deliver every material paint droplet to feed spray gun and reduce paint consumable rate  more than piston pump. The power from double diaphragm can feed material paint which are high viscosity and density without problem. It is longer use for many years. Robust and low maintenance cost. That is the ideal feeding pump which is released to operate in reality.

Advance Performance


  • Speed of deliver rate is 200DS/min which is faster than piston pump that it take 30/min. In other words, it is faster than piston pump 566%.

  • Simply changing paint and quicker than piston pump

  • Enable to use with high viscosity paint, abrasive paint which fast dry and reactive to be shear sensitive paint. Circulation system in pump will operate continually to avoid fast dry and sediment which may leave inside pump.

  • Double diaphragm has performance higher than piston pump but the satirical rate are lower.

More saving for quick return of investment


  • Reduce paint consumable rate 60% by compare with piston pump. Every paint droplet will be delivered efficiently. 

  • Double Diaphragm reduce pulsation rate to support decreasing of paint consumable rate.

  • Highly robust and longer use which support to reduce maintenance expenses.

Basic Structure of  Cobra

Pneumatic Motor
Pressure Regulator
Material Inlet
Oil Piston
Force Air Cooling

Operating Principle of Cobra


Pump works with pneumatic system. When receive the compressed air from the air compressor, Pneumatic motor will create the power by providing high pressure which compressed hydraulic section at 40: 1 ratio.


The pressure from hydraulic will be delivered to double diaphragm. One diaphragm make suction power to suck material paint from inlet. The remain diaphragm will feed paint to spray gun. That is the reason of high speed feeding procedure together with low pulsation rate which feed paint in consistency volume.  


Application Areas


  • Wood and Furniture industry

  • Carpentry shops and joineries

  • Agriculture and Construction

  • General Metal Industry

  • Leather Coating

Processable Materials


  • Water and Solvent-based paints

  • Wood Coatings

  • Moisture-Sensitive Materials, isocyanates

  • Shear-sensitive coatings

  • UV cure materials

  • Temperature reactive materials

  • Zinc Primers

Cobra 40-25

High Pressure Double Diaphragm Pump Cobra (Vertical)

High Pressure Double Diaphragm Pump Cobra (Horizontal)

Cobra 40-25


Imported Cobra Feeding pump by ROM to distribute and service in Thailand which are Cobra 40-25. It is suitable for large quantity paint volume (up to 5 litre/min). For example, multi-spray gun operations or for huge diameter size of nozzles. In addition, it use as ideal for feeding base for 2K mixing units. 

Liquid Applying for Cobra

Vector Pro

Demonstration Video

Video Credit:


Company: J.Wagner GmbH

Territory: Germany (Head Quarter)

URL: www.wagner-group.com


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