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Quick Changing powder color for manual spray equipment



Equipment for use various powder color shade

The new WAGNER ColorSelect X is designed for the quickest powder color change while providing the least potential for cross contamination and powder loss.


WAGNER ColorSelect X incorporates a simple, robust pneumatic control system of up to 10 powder feed systems including hopper fluidizing air, powder injector feed air, and dosage air. The operator control panel includes the WAGNER ColorSelect X dial and quick connect ports for 10 colors.

Feature of ColorSelect X

  • Color Changes in less than a minute!

  • Easy to operate and maintain

  • EPG-Sprint X Recipe Control

  • Lowest Cost of Ownership

5 Simple Steps to operate

  1. Remove the quick-connect powder hose from the last color used.

  2. Connect the powder hose to the purge port, rotate dial to purge.

  3. Automatic purge cycle of powder pathway including gun and powder hose. Operator blows-off gun exterior.

  4. Remove the quick-connect powder hose from the purge port and connect to the next color.

  5. Rotate dial to the next color and begin coating.

ColorSelect X the Quick Powder Changing

Technical Data of ColorSelect X

ColorSelect X Spec ENG.png

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