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Overview of C-Line Powder Coating System


C-Line Horizontal overview.png
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The definition of C-Line is following as below


  • Unique coating process with a high degree of automation

  • Simple operation

  • Space-saving positioning

  • Best coating quality at low investment costs

  • 50% energy reduction compared to conventional systems

  • Design specially for wheel coating


The coating process is enabled to coverage wheel


  • Unique coating process with moving powder cloud

  • Highest transfer efficiency and uniform layer thickness

C-Line Main Cover.png

Flexibility depending on productivity and application requirements

  • Variable automation degree

  • Variable number of guns

  • Optional automatic gun cleaning

C-Line Robot 1.png
C-Line Robot No. 3.png

3D Movement


  • Leading application technology with flexible 3D axis system

  • Fully automatic coating process and individual positioning of the guns

C-Line 3D axis.png

The C-Line provides with its 3D axis system all gun movements by automation


  • The automatic coating is done by the C-Line 3D axis system

  • Automatic gun positioning to set up to the wheel dimensions for every gun in every direction

  • Gun blows off to clean all guns by automatics

C-Line Program 2.png

C-Line wheel integration

  • Simple visual wheel type integration

  • Simple visual axis movement

  • Everyone able to integrate new wheel types

  • Automatic crash protection integrated

PXS in C-Line.png

PXS powder center with all-in-one system control


  • Intuitive operation with best in the class user interface

  • Minimized interaction steps needed to run the production

  • Complete system control from one central touch screen

  • Everything can be controlled in one screen so it reduces a lot of controlling time

  • Not only PXS, but another type of powder center such as IPS PXM and etc can also be operated similar to this powder center

Screen Shot 2562-08-09 at 22.26.23.png

Moving powder cloud allows high coating results at a high line speed up to 7 meters per minutes


  • Maximized transfer efficiency

  • Maximized thickness uniformity

  • Difficult geometries applicable

C-Line No.-6.png

Benefit from small foot print


  • Minimized foot print save typically 60% production area with maximum productivity up to 800 wheels per hour

Screen Shot 2562-05-26 at 21.00.01.png

Blow out device in powder booth

  • Fast booth cleaning allows color change in less than 15 minutes for complete system

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