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ภาพรวมของโปรแกรมการใช้งาน C-Line


C-Line Booth - 1.png

Coating Application Program for Wheel product


C-Line is created for wheel powder coating so the application program is set for the wheel only. That's why C-line gets more advantage than other programs in case of wheel coating. The feature of C-Line program are following as below;


  • Simple visual wheel type integration

  • Simple visual axis movement 

  • Everyone able to integrate new wheel types

  • Automatic crash protection integrated

Powder booth with touch screen control panel

Normal Program.png

Control Monitor for a general system. Due to this system is created for the various workpiece, it can not operate with full performance for wheel workpiece as they have the limitation in system.

C-Line Super Program.png

Control monitor for C-line system. This program is created for wheel coating so the setting and operating progress are available for wheel only.

Example of C-Line Program

1. The setting for wheel type integration

C-Line Program 2.png

2. The setting for gun arrangement top side coating

C-Line Program 3.png

3. The setting for the distance between gun and workpiece for top-side coating

C-Line Program 4.png

4. The setting for gun arrangement bottom side coating or opposite side from no. 2

C-Line Program 5.png

5. The setting gun arrangement under site coating

C-Line Program 6.png

6. The setting gun arrangement side coating (Distance between spray gun and workpiece)

C-Line Program 7.png

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