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The WAGNER C-Line System


C-Line Powder Coating System Solution


The WAGNER C-Line powder coating application solution offers effective wheel coating abilities. This system includes modular components and a moving powder cloud that coats all axis of the wheel.

Feature of C-Line


  • The most flexible powder coating solution for automotive wheels

  • Unique coating process with a moving cloud of powder

  • Multiple spray gun arrangements for complex geometries and undercuts

  • Flexible 3D axis system

  • User-friendly control and parameter technology

  • Flexible modular design for multiple line configurations

  • Robot friendly booth design for multiple line configurations

  • Robot friendly booth design pre-coatings or complete coating processes

Wheel: one of the most difficult workpiece to be coated



The wheel is the invention item which revolutionizes a travelling of humanity. This item is built to be the round shape object with a spindle that rotates around itself and apply to use with bogie and carriage in the past until auto vehicle in the present day.


As the object shape like this, it is difficult to be coated with an automatic system. It requires to arrange the position of the powder spray gun to cover all surface of the wheel. Actually, the best way to coat wheel is manual application because of the movement from human has more moving dimension than an automatic system. In a conventional system, the manual application is the most important section because they can spray wheel for re-painting and complete surface coating before workpiece enters to oven section.


WAGNER C-Line powder coating system support to reduce the workload in decorative painting progress (such as repainting, additional painting for the uncoated surface area) because of the coating coverage area are increased, more powder saving per 1 workpiece because the workload of sprayer on decorative painting position is decreased and then the production process time per 1 workpiece are reduced. Therefore the production capacity are increased.

Conventional Gun Arragement.png

The conventional system that the powder spray gun can not coat completely surface of the wheel.

C-Line gun arragement.png

The surface of the wheel is coated completely.

Requirement of wheel coating by automatic powder spray gun
C-Line Requirement ENG.png

From the above table which presents the requirement from a wheel factory. C-Line system is built to respond to all requirement. This system arranges the position of the spray gun in order to spray more coverage workpiece area, reduce the workload of manual spray process for decorative work which does not need much time for work. At the same time, workpiece output result is high qualify. Lastly, the production capacity is increased because the production process timing per 1 workpiece is reduced.

Further information of C-Line Powder Coating System

Structure of C-Line System


Overview of C-Line System

C-Line Program 1.png

Overview of C-Line Programming

C-Line Additional Installment cover.png

C-Line Additional System Installation

Demonstration Video

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Company: J. Wagner GmbH

Territory: Germany (Headquarter)


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