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The Comprehensive Powder Coating System by WAGNER

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When WAGNER design powder coating system for you?


You may see the example of a powder coating system which is designed by WAGNER in order to be a guideline for consideration of choosing a system component by yourself or choosing to follow WAGNER design.


Complete systems in the standardized modular design allow customer-specific requirements to be implemented. High-quality components are used here which are also deployed in a complex system.


C-Line The WAGNER system designed provide 2 types which are E-Line system for general industry and C-Line system for Wheel industry. The C-Line is designed separately from the ordinary system because the wheel workpiece is complicated than another workpiece.

WAGNER Comprehensive Powder Coating System

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E-Line System

Powder Coating system for general Industry. 

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C-Line System

Powder Coating System for Wheel industry.

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