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CONTROL PRO 350 The Airless Spray pack

For internal and external painting of small working scale

Paint Spray Equipment for Beginner to Professional

This equipment can be classified both D.I.Y. group and contractor group. Size and Dimension are smaller than Prospray series and provide lower pressure in order to use in residential area, small commercial building and repainting work.

The operating of Control Pro 350

Operating with airless high pressure spraying in order to finish work in quicktime but provide pressure only at maximum 110 bar and reduce overspray rate at 55%. Which this rate, it's easily to control spray pattern and also control easily quality of work.

Work with Control Pro 350 in residential area


Interior and exterior painting, houses, metal structures, fences, rental properties, interior and exterior walls and ceilings, sheds, barns, furniture.

Coating Recommendations:

Water based, solvent based, varnish, lacquer, primer, sealer, polyurethanes.

Types of end users:

Professional contractors, Newly Painter, part-time contractors, D.I.Y. user

Control Pro 350

Specification of Control Pro 350 (Extra Skid)


Accessories with spray pack

- Control Pro M Airless Gun with Control Pro Tip (HEA)

- HEA High Pressure Hose 15 m

Operating Example of Control Pro 350
Insert suction tube into material container
Integrated tools box within control pro 350
Simply use and provide integrated tools box to support user for movement.
ordinary spraying
Spraying with extension tip
Versatile use for small painting work area.
Cleanable, quick removable rock catcher
Example of Storage after cleaning
Cleaning equipment after work and proper keep in storage help to extent the useful life.
Accessories of Control Pro 350

High Pressure Airless Gun "Control Pro AG" for using with Control Pro 350. It's applicable to spray at pressure 110 bar.

Control Pro M Airless Gun

his tip is made by HEA (High efficiency Airless) technology which is innovated by WAGNER. It's applicable to use with spraying pressure at 110 bar and reduce overspray rate at 55% from ordinary airless tip. The tip size are offered by following below chart.

Control Pro Tip (HEA)

Tip guard for tip inserting and extension tip for extending the spray length which are available for 30 cm and 60 cm.

Extension and Tip Guard

Material airless hose (HEA version) 15 m for spraying pressure lower or equal at 110 bar.

HEA Hose 15m

Demonstration Video Link

Video Credit:


Company: ROM Intertrade 

Territory: Thailand


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