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Release Agent Spray Gun



Release Agent Spray gun which be created by specific material part in order to match with release agent. The reason why this spray gun is different from ordinary spray gun because the spray pattern and film thickness must be thinner than film thickness from normal spray gun and the thickness level must be same to avoid the over thickness. Some factory concentrate the quality of workpiece by inspect piece by piece. The thickness level on mold must be the same level that it effect significantly to overall of production quality. Therefore, TOF manual spray gun will handle this case.

The release agent spray gun will be separated into 2 types are following as below;

- TOF-50 for compact size

- TOF-101 for wide sprary pattern

Specific Manual Gun Cover.png


Compact Size

  • Easy handling due to locating air and liquid joints at bottom of grip.

  • Less tiring design due to compact and light weight.

  • From the background that more waterborne release agent has been used: Body is made of forged aluminium + alumite treatment for corrosion-proof. 

  • Parts mounted on body are mostly made of stainless steel for rust prevention.

  • Vaseline is used as grease on slide parts in air path.

  • Body is treated with pearskin (sandy) finish for slippery release agent.

  • Fluid adjsting and pattern adjusting knobs have a locking mechanism.



For wide are workpiece

  • Spray gun can spray release agent to wide area with wide tulip pattern.



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