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Accessories for Automotive Refinishing


1. Cleaning and Maintenance Kit 

The package box

W2KIT55UK Accessories in Box


  1. Large size brush 2 pieces

  2. Brush 1 piece

  3. Large size spiral brush 1 pieces

  4. Spiral brush 2 pieces

  5. Small size spiral brush 2 pieces

  6. Needle for cleaning 12 pieces

  7. Performance grease

2. Local Pressure Gauge for Air Spray Gun

Pressure Gauge


Pressure Gauge for Automotive Refinishing Air Spray Gun

Compact and light valve can make spray user handle spray gun wash and support to adjust precisely pressure for get the accuracy rate on demand.

Model: AJR-02S-VG

Weight: 120g

Air Connection: G1/4

3. Aqua Dry Gun

ADG-1BV Aqua Dry Gun

Most suitable for water-based paints which dry slowly. It can be used to dry solvent-based paints. Plastic grip is suitable for ANEST IWATA Spray guns with soft texture.

Model: ADG-1BV

Max. Air pressure: 6.8 Bar

Standard inlet air pressure: 1.0 Bar

Air Consumption: 390 Liter/min

Noise Level: 78 dB (A)

Operating Air Temperature: 5 - 40 Celcius

4. MAG Stand Magnetic Supports

Magnetic Spray Gun Holder for 3 units

MAG Stand Magnetic Support


  • Practical for every bodyshop, fast, flexible and reliable adhesion on all metal surfaces. Thanks to an extra-string all surface magnet.

  • Hold up to 20 kg (each holder, measured on a clean metal surface).

  • No cumbersome wall mount without screws and drilling.

  • Easy removal from spray booth.

  • Prevent potential accidents.

  • Significant space savings in working area.

Magnetic spray gun holder for 1 unit

Magnetic and adaptor holder (PPS-RPS)

Magnetic Spray Gun Holder

5. Gravity Cup Spray Gun holder

Gravity Center Cup Spray Gun holder for 3 units

The holder for gravity cup spray gun


  • Suitable to hold gravity guns after use or during the filing of the cup. Available in 3 versions with base:

  • Single central gravity (wall mountable)

  • Multiple central gravity (3 places)

  • Single side gravity.

Gravity Center Cup Spray Gun holder for 1 unit

Gun holder for 1 gravity side cup spray gun.


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