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Chapter 10: The advantage of painting by yourself


Everyone can do painting work

Painting work is not difficult job anymore. Everyone can spray paint with WAGNER equipment that facilitates spraying.


For D.I.Y. spray work will focus on spraying in private areas, such as residential and light spray paintings, with paintings at the bottom.

Reason to use spray gun

Spend a few working time


WAGNER Spray gun speed up your working process faster than brush and roller. Film stick on object surface which has quality and consistent bester. It support to reduce cost and working time. 

1. Smooth consistent on surface


The touching and coating of the paint on the object surface is more uniform because the paint is sprayed in the same plane, smoothing the surface smoothly, as shown in the image below.

Surface Coating by roller brush
Example of brushing and spraying
Surface Coating by Spray Gun

2. Good Coverage


Spraying allows the paint coverage the surface more thoroughly than painting with a brush and roller, so that the paint is coated all over the surface homogeneous, making the surface look better.

3. Better Surface Protection


As the spray painting provide the smoothly surface and coverage area painting more than brush and roller. Therefore, the paint protects the object surface more thoroughly without having the cavity inserted into the skin as shown in the example below.

4. Work Faster and Easier


The WAGNER spray gun save working time better than brushes and paint rollers because of its ease of use. The paint is sprayed into the workpiece in every corner and the surface faster.

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