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Chapter 2: The surface Coating  layer

Surface Coating Layer

- The example of surface coating layer.

1. Primer Stage


The first stage of surface coating in order to adjust the surface condition and make the adhesion for next coating layer.

2. Undercoat Stage 


Undercoat are painted in order to hide primer surface and increase adhesion power and prepare for topcoat stage. Normally, undercoat color will be selected same as top coat stage to make the same tone. 

3. Topcoat Stage 


The final stage of surface coating. Some material paint have the attribute to protect the corrosion such as rust protectoral color, heat resistant, bacteria resistant and etc. Some painter spray only 2 layers which are primer and topcoat or some painter spray only 1 stage. For example, foam coating for making insulation to protect the heat wave.

4. Clear Topcoat Stage


This is the stage to improve the surface quality in order to make more tough from paint scrub, more shiny and make long life of surface adhesion. For example, toy model will be painted by material clear coating after topcoat to make surface be matt or gross. Or paint varnish and lacquer on furniture. 

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