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WAGNER 2K Protec

The fully pneumatic 2K piston pump for construction

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The demand of airless spray pack 2K

Currently, the evolution of 2K spray pack always  be developed. Especially, the demand of user from protective coating contractor and marine coating contractor need to use 2K paint  which has specification of high protective coating ability quality but 2K mixing is required that it must provide the accuracy of mixing ratio between primary material and hardener are incessant in order to make 2K paint quality is consistent.

2K Protec Airless unit is specially designed for those kind of work as the using is similar to general feeding pump with following advantage below;

  • You save time because you don't need to mix or stir any material in advance.

  • You save material because you mix only as much as you need.

  • You work without being concerned that the pot life will expire before completion of the coating.

  • You save time and material because you do not flush the entire system in case of a longer interruption of work, only the parts that contain mixed material will be flushed (mixing block, material hose, spray gun).

  • You avoid coating defects: The correct mixing ratio is determined by the system and guarantees the best possible coating quality.

The Different between ordinary spray pack and 2K spray pack

2K material is made from the chemical mixing between main chemical (Called "Chemical A") and hardener chemical (Called "Chemical B"). The word 2K came from 2 Komponente in deutsch language or it can be called 2 Component in english so it's mean the completed material from mixing 2 components and then available to use.

Material paint which has ability for anti high corrosion and high protection. Especially, the ability for bacteria protection in water, extremely heat protection and building which need to be protected specially. Many of these material are 2K paint.

But after completing the 2K mixing process, the material is need to be used immediately. If you leave it without use, material will be hard and it is unable to use.

Therefore, you can not make 2K mixing and then use after mixing similar to other material because it will be hard and can not be sprayed. The structure of 2K airless spray pack does not similar to other spray pack type. Even though the main equipment is the same as normal pneumatic piston pump but the when combine with additional accessories, the structure will be totally different.

Please see the example figure of ordinary piston pump and 2K piston pump on below;

1K Diagram.png

Pneumatic Piston for 1K

The position of fluid delivery section is only 1 place since fluid input to piston pump until deliver to spray gun

If 2K material is used with this pump, the pot life of material is short and will be hard within fluid section and clog so it can not  be sprayed and make piston pump to be damaged.

Pneumatic Piston for 2K

2K Spray pack solve all issue at the starting point. As there can not be mixed outside, it should be mixed inside spray pack and spray out immediately. Therefore, the 2K spray pack require the additional equipment and re-arrange the layout following as below;


  • Flush Pump for cleaning the remain material in mixing block in order to avoid the blockage in fluid delivery path.

  • Increase the fluid section into 2 side and separate for A and B in order to separate chemical and be mixed at mixing block.

  • Mixing block is the mixing area of A and B into 2K material and then deliver to spray gun immediately and also have solvent which delivered from flush pump to clean up to prevent the blockage in this zone.


Because the additional component, this spray pack is enable to use 2K material.

2K Diagram.png

Dependable supply


Two large hoppers and the large intake valves at the pump ensure a constant and reliable material supply.

Feature of 2K Protec which bring all the advantages with full performance


Precise mixing


Automatic and continuous dosing of the coating materials.

Air motor


Easy to handle, with soft-start function and full pressure steering for excellent reliability



Clearly laid out and easy to use, similar to a normal 1K piston pump.

WAGNER 2K Protec
Dependable Supply.png
Separate clearly for A and B
Large Savings.png

Large savings


Only the exact amount of material which is required is mixed. Only those parts of the appliance are flushed that are used for mixing (mixer, material hose, spray gun).

Always under control.png

Always under control


The pressure gauge is easily visible. An automatic pressure relief ensures maximum safety.

Application of WAGNER 2K Protec

Protec A3.png

WAGNER Protec 2K takes care of everything else.


The WAGNER PROTEC 2K is available in four variants with the preset mixing ratios 4:1, 3:1, 2:1 or 1:1. This makes it the ideal system for most commercially available coating materials. If a material change requires a different mixing ratio, the fluid section can be easily replaced. Of course, the WAGNER PROTEC 2K meets all ATEX requirements.

Typical materials are, for example:


  • Highly filled zinc primers with epoxy base

  • Polyurethane top coats

  • Fast reacting tank coatings

  • Fire-retardant paints

2K Front cover 2.png

Typical Applications


  • Tanks

  • Pipes

  • Marine/shipbuilding

  • Bridges

  • Towers of wind energy systems

  • Rail vehicles

  • Water towers

  • Wastewater treatment

  • Maintenance of wells and sewer systems

  • Overflow basins

  • Coating of structural steel

  • Refineries

Protec A4.png

Reduce your material costs


The WAGNER PROTEC 2K only mixes the material you actually need. You no longer need to expensively dispose of excess material.

Efficient workforce management


The dosing and mixing of the components takes place "just in

time" and fully automated during the suction of the material

components. This saves valuable labor time. The coating quality is significantly increased by the exact dosing and preparation of materials. Manual error rates are ruled out.

Protec A5.png

Lower your solvent consumption


Only those parts of the system are flushed which have come into contact with the mixed material – mixing block, material hose, and spray gun. This is particularly interesting in the event of a production stoppage. In comparison, you have to flush and clean a 1K system completely which costs significantly more time and solvent! Depending on the sensitivity of the hardener, you can let the system stand with un-mixed material inside overnight or several days.

Low maintenance costs


In the fluid sections there is only unmixed material that can be

rinsed out much easier than already-mixed components.

This increases the maintenance intervals significantly. The WAGNER fluid sections can be dismantled with a few simple steps and are easy to maintain. The service sets available as accessories contain all the required components.

Technical Data of WAGNER 2K PROTEC

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Structure of


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Specification and

Ratio Mixing

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Related Accessories


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