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Accessories - Powder Transfer Pump


Powder Transferring Pump IP5000



  • Constant pump output throughout the entire usage period

  • Capable of transportation of large quantities over distances of up to 50 m

  • The powder quantity can be set in two levels

  • Programmable pump time for level control

  • Simple operation with few keystrokes

  • Automatic cleaning program for intake and feed direction

  • Programmable rinse function

  • Active service interval display with time remaining indicator

  • Extensive range of accessories available

1. Inline Pump 5000 the fresh powder feed


Fresh powder supply unit IP 5000 is the powder transferring pump which connects the powder conveyor system in order to make high performance and no interruption during the process. It can be used with any application package, regardless of size, Just feed in straight from the box, the 200-liter barrel or a BigBag. The IP5000 can be easily integrated into the production process and is also excellently suited for emptying secondary filter tanks or for the intermediate transportation from one powder storage to the next. The new inline design principle combined with absolutely smooth and tight part components ensure a smooth powder flow. The combination of vacuum and dense flow feeding is the basis for the constant and in particular high pump output.

IP5000 spec eng.png

Peristaltic Pump and Control Cabinet

2. Peristaltic conveyor system


The peristaltic conveyor system is used for the intermediate feeding of coating powders using little air by means of alternating pinch valves. (Pinch Valves is the unit to extract fluid flow. In this equipment, pinch valves extract the powder flow in order to feed it into the feeding system to be systematical.


However, this unit is different from IP5000 that it has the control cabinet which is independently from the central control system. Unlikely, IP5000 must be controlled by a centralized control system.

Special Advantages of Peristaltic Pump


  • Feed requires little air. Minimal dust formation

  • Large delivery capacity. Low investment costs

  • Low-wear feed technology. Low maintenance

  • Robust engineering. High availability

Peristaltic image.png
Peristaltic spec eng.png

Peristaltic Pump


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