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Material Container for airless spray application

5L Hopper.jpg

Standard 5 Litres Hopper

Standard hopper which is used for short pot-life material such as PU foam for grouting work and epoxy. In other hand, it can be used with ordinary material but for a few quanity such as maintenance work.

The material is made from high grade plastic which is robust for fieldwork.

Standard 5 Litres Hopper


5 Litres hopper for industry

Special hopper with explosion proof version. Intent to avoid the material leak from above. It is suitable for closed area such as production line in factor. (Normally, it is used with high pressure diaphragm pneumatic pump "WAGNER COBRA).

5 Litres hopper for industry

Accessories 3.png

Heat Tank

Heat Tanks

For keeping extremely high viscosity material which is delivered through out the heater, it will keep heat in material.


Large Volume Container

Alternative choice for contractor who find the large container for working continuously without stop for long period. It is available for using with large airless spray pack.


Sack Support

(Optional Part for container)


Connector between container and spray pack

(Optional Part for container)

Large Volume Container

Screen Shot 2563-01-25 at 11.27.11.png

Example of connecting to airless spray pack

Link for related information to material container

SF 23i_Wand_4.jpg

Foam Injecting for Grouting Project


Piston Pump Airless Spray Pack

2399198_SuperFinish23 Pro_ceiling.jpg

Diaphragm Airless Spray Pack

Accessories Head.png

Piston Pump airless spray pack for 2K material

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