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Technical Data of Cyclone


1. Multi-Cyclone
Multi Cyclone.jpg

Multi-Cyclone units are used as a powder recovery system in WAGNER IC (Integral Compact) stainless steel booths. They are characterized by their compact design and high separation efficiency.

Multi Cyclone Spec Eng.png

Special Advantages

  • Compact size. Small space requirements

  • High catching efficiency. Low waste volume in after-filter

  • Usable with suction capacities from 8,000 - 12,000 m3/h specific suction capacity

Included items

  • Multi-Cyclone box with 9 mini-cyclones.

  • Pipe not included

  • After-filter not included

  • Powder container not included

Processable Materials

  • Corona Powder

  • Tribo Powder

2. Mono-Cyclone
Mono Cyclone.jpg

The mono-cyclone is used with automatic booths in paint change systems. It separates the powder/air mixture sucked out of the booth. The exhaust passes to the final filters via a pipe. The sieved powder is returned to the guns

Mono-Cyclone Spec ENG.png

Special Advantages

  • High removal efficiency at approx. 95% depending on powder load minimal powder waste. 

  • Cyclone hopper with two-hand control meets safety requirements

Included items

  • Mono-Cyclone with frame (inlet on the right or left side)

  • Powder extraction with two-hand control

  • Vibration sieve 400 uM

  • Peristaltic conveyor not included

  • Pipe not included

  • After-filter not included

Processable Material

  • Corona Powder

  • Tribo Powder

Mono-Cyclone Table - ENG.png

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