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Chapter 5: Air Assist Airless Spray


The combination of 2 advantages

This is a paint spray system which combine between advantage of Air Spray and advantage of airless. Due some large object that consist of corner nook, large metal panel (For example, large machine) and panel that it similar to honey hump. Using air spray gun waste a lot of working time and material paint even paint atomizing can attach object surface. Using airless may not be completed job because high pressure paint atomizing can not attach all object surface even though using air spray gun to decorate workpiece may spend working time too much. Therefore, there must have special type of spray gun to utilize the advantage of air spray gun in term of spray performance control and advantage of airless gun in term of high speed spraying.

Air Assisted Airless Spray

AirCoat is the specific name which is created by WAGNER for air assist airless spray gun.

We use a word "AirCoat" to present this spray system through out for this website. Low air pressure support to control airless high pressure to deliver paint better attaching object surface. Especially, the corner nook that airless pressure can not deliver paint to attach in this point. Low air pressure which are beside airless high pressure will atomize spray pattern to cover through more surface because high pressure spray make spray faster but it does not support to control spray pattern.

Example of AirCoat Spray gun

AirCoat spray pattern

Application of AirCoat

The application quite similar to airless spray gun, but the different points is the surface of the workpiece which is not uniformly smooth, and some paint area is the corner of object that airless gun can not reach itself. Low air pressure is required to control. Even some of the deep nests that can not be sprayed with air spray gun because there is no high pressure to push material paint to surface. Therefore, it need to use AirCoat guns for this case.

AirCoat is suitable for users who want to quick finish job and emphasize the quality of spraying at the same resolution. Material type and application are the same as all the airless paint spray guns. Even a feeding unit are the same, but his gun can work some job that airless can not do it.

Workpiece Example


Workpiece Example

Picture Frame

Workpiece Example

Metal Part

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