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Chapter 7: Spray with high speed rotary bell

The different characteristic from other spray gun

This is the innovative of spraying by creating the spray pattern into circle round shape pattern. It different from ordinary spraying method that it usually create the oval round shape pattern. This advance spray method use the principle of rotational force which integrate to crate bell cup that it can be rotated with high speed. Material paint which is delivered from material tube will make contact with bell cup in order to reduce the velocity of strength contact with the object surface and crate the circle round shape pattern following by rotational speed and diameter size of bell cup. This method support to increase the spraying radius area more than ordinary spray gun and the decreasing of strength contact force support to make droplets to be similar size and coating result are more uniform spraying quality. It is better than spraying without rational force.

Spray with rotary atomizer bell

Spray with ordinary spray gun

Factor affect to spraying pattern

At the high speed rotary atomizer, the factor which impact to spraying pattern are following as below;


  • Product pressure/flow

  • Rotational Speed

  • Bell Diameter

  • Distributor Model

  • Shaping air pressure approx. 0.5 - 3.0 bar

  • Applied high voltage

Movement of Paint


  1. Paint is delivered through the paint tube and is delivered in the distributor through the many drill holes. 

  2. Distributor will deliver paint to touch the bell disc to slow down the paint flow.

  3. Spray pattern will be the circle shape round.

Support atomizing by electrostatic power  

You may see the details in below link

Rotational Force


Rotational force is the one of force type which is defined by physics principle. The term "force" refers to the motion of a moving object, such as forward or backward movement. For the rotational force is the force that causes the object to move around the center in order to create "Circular motion" that is a motion which is pulled into the motion center.

Affect to Spraying Method


WAGNER spray guns such as Evobell and Top Finish adopt a rotational force principle in order to improve the circle round spray pattern and quality which are better than conventional spraying. In addition, the rotation also affects the spray pressure, air pressure and air consumption that impact  to spraying following this example.

Type of Piecework


The workpiece is similar to air spray gun type but rotary atomizer gun are regular in automotive manufacturer because it can create spray pattern with the circle shape, paint with a few time and the finishing quality are higher than ordinary spray gun.


Wheel is the good example to show the different between rotary atomizer gun and ordinary spray gun. The wheel is a round object with a spindle that rotates around itself to use with vehicle.

As the spray pattern are circle shape, the size is quite similar to object so the coating area are wider, reduce operating time and provide more finishing quality than ordinary spray gun. That’s why it is the good choice for wheel factory.

Spray Pattern from Ordinary Gun

 Using More operating Time

Spray Pattern from Rotary Atomizer Gun

 Using few operating Time

Other Industry


Beside the automotive component painting, it can be used with other painting work which can be summarized are following as  below;


  • Interior and Exterior automotive components

  • Agricultural and Construction machine components

  • Plastic components

  • Furniture, window frames

  • Bicycles Frame and Part

  • lenses and mirror

  • Plastic Industry

  • Wood and Metal Industry

  • Toy Industry

  • Paper Coating

  • Cable Manufacturing

Processable Paint Material


  • Solvent-Based 1K/2K

  • Water-Based 1K/2K

  • UV Paint

  • Sol-Gel

  • Micro Corrosion Protection Paint

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