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Chapter 1: The Surface Coating

Surface Coating. The beginning of success.

Surface coating is the part of success. The object or building will be finalized by coating process. This is the important procedure because surface coating make its to be remarkable and interesting.

Objective of Surface Coating

Originally, primary purpose of surface coating is protection the object and building from environment factor. For example, heat wave from sunrise, moisture, bacteria and rust to extent useful life. In other hand, it will protect human who touch the surface object. For example, toy and food container. The material paint has not included hazard material in its paint.

The next objective is colorful making such as painting in art work, production process, architectural coating and etc.

Film Formation

Film is mean the paint surface on object  object which the procedure of film formation which is happening process after spraying, painting and dipping. This website show the example from spray method only because it will link to our merchandise. Film formation start from painting until drying on surface object.

1. Paint Delivery (Application)

Paint delivery is mean that bring material paint to object.

2. Surface Touching (Fixation)

Paint will touch and attach surface object.

3. Drying or Curing

After coating the entire piece in step 2, the solvent in paint will be volatile and react fluid film to be dry. Some paint need to baked within oven.

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