Chapter 8: Changing to powder coating


For those who used to spray liquid paint

When you plan to change from liquid coating to be powder coating, you may also change the painting booth structure because liquid painting booth may install water fall within booth to prevent the paint atomizing mist but in powder booth, internal booth area must be dried and no humidity. If not, moisture will make powder material to be loaf and reduce coating performance. Therefore, liquid painting booth can not use for powder coating.

Example of Powder Booth

Example of Powder Booth

Powder Coating Booth

Powder booths have many types of work such as small booth for single job, medium or large booth for multi workpiece and some powder booth have complex structure which include recovery systems, conveyors, cleaning system and etc. The related equipment for powder booth such as filter. Sifters and etc. The example of powder booth are following below;

Mini Size for single job

Powder booth with automatic system

Medium or large size for multi workpiece

The complex powder coating booth

From above example, the powder coating booth is different from the liquid coating room. Powder paint will be atomized within interior booth and some paint will not attached on object and fall to ground as unused paint. At this point, tit can be reused to spray while the liquid paint can not be recycled. Therefore, the painting booth must replaced appropriately.

Essential point for powder booth


WAGNER powder coating equipment use the electrostatic to support wraparound effect. Ground cable must install with powder booth whether small size or large size to make electric potential between painting area and ground to be equal to protect the electrical hazard. Therefore, it is necessary to install completely ground system before settle powder booth. Plug socket must be three eyes plug and the ground area in painting booth must be built by electrically conductive material.

Heat Treatment


Powder Paint can coat workpiece by heat treatment.The specification from each powder paint's manufacturer are different so please follow the heat treatment condition on powder paint package and instruction from powder paint maker.

Workpiece after heat treatment

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