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Chapter 9: Feeding Unit and Driver Unit


Feeding Unit

WAGNER painting equipment are available in a wide range of application. Paint sprayers used in the factory and the construction site have different equipment unit because it must be designed to suit the following conditions:

1. Type of application

2. Types of material paints

3. Safety Requirements for Each Workplace

4. Duration of use

5. Compatible accessories such as spray guns.

So there is a division of products such as industry coating, architectural coating and etc. We recommend the following types of feeding unit:

1. Piston Pump


This feeding pump will deliver material paint by stroke vertical movement which create high suction power. Especially, using with high viscosity materials. Piston pump are available for both pneumatic type (driven by compressed air) and hydraulics type which driven by electric motor to to feed hydraulics oil to operate piston.

Pneumatic Piston Pump for use in factory
Hydraulics pump with electric motor for external work

2. Diaphragm Pump


This feeding pump will deliver material paint by stoke flutter movement. This part is robust and depreciated slower than piston pump.

Foam Injection diaphragm unit which can be used for low pressure and high pressure.

3. Double diaphragm pump


Operating is quite similar like single diaphragm pump but this pump install 2 diaphragms into opposite position and flutter movement in opposite direction. It support to reduce pulsation rate and make high suction power which enable to use with high viscosity and density material paint. For example, 2K paint and etc.

Double Diaphragm pump for high pressure work
Double diaphragm pump for low pressure work

4. Screw Pump


A large spiral dispensing pump is used for high viscosity and granular materials such as mortar. The large rotary spindle is driven by rotation around itself to deliver the mortar to the spray gun designed specifically for use.

Plaster Coat by using with screw pump to feed material to spray lance

5. Feeding with Turbine


HVLP spray gun for contractor work create low pressure with turbine in spray gun in order to build air pressure up to 7 bar through air hose to material cup and deliver material to coat through standpipe to nozzle and spray.

HVLP Spray gun for contractor work

Driver Unit

There are 3 types of driver units which are available for use in regulation of each location and duration of work. All those requirement will determine the unit.

1. Electric Motor


Electric motor will be installed together with internal pump. It is simply use because just plug with outlet from main power in order to operate. Electric pump of WAGNER use energy with great performance and friendly with environment. Many of this pump type are spray pack for contractor work and should not operate continuously more than 3 hours so it is suitable for project work.

Example of hydraulic piston pump

2. Pneumatic

Feeding unit will be driven by compressed air which is delivered by air compressor. Therefore, there is no electric and gasoline in area. It is highly recommend to use in workshop for many hours or areas with high protection requirements.

Example of Pneumatic feeding pump and 2K mixing pump

3. Gasolin Engine 


Power supply may not available for some area so it is necessary to use petrol engine as power driver. Usually, it is regular to use at open area. For example, construction area.

Line marking and striping with gasoline engine
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