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No. 1 Liquid Application Equipment in Japan

More than a Spray Gun

Since 2016 that ROM is assigned to be official authorized distributor of ANEST IWATA Spray Gun for more than  3 years already. ROM meet a new market and new customer and also obtain the new technical knowledge which help ROM to make a new dimension of spray business. Then ANEST IWATA is the primary brand of ROM. We are ready to sell the high quality spray gun and provide after sales service to customer with support from ANEST IWATA Southeast Asia Co.,Ltd who assign ROM to be official distributor that they provide the support of after sales service and problem solving together with advice for operating of this spray gun

ANEST IWATA is the one of leading brand of spray gun and number 1 in Japan also be trusted by all over the world so they can compete with another leading brand from USA and Europe with air spray technology by using the low volume of air and spray with efficiency quantity of material and provide the various price level for all customer group.

For paint and liquid application in industry, ANEST IWATA can handle more than ordinary painting workshop that their performance can do following below;


ANEST IWATA the Manufacturer of Coating Equipment


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Example of workpiece for general coating project



Sports Car Interior


Metal Shine


Plastic Seats




Ceramic Collection


Using ANEST IWATA equipment for other liquid type.

Applying Mold Release.png

Applying mold release on die-casting machines

Mold release on rubber mold items.png

Applying mold release on rubber mold items

Splatter Prevention Liquid.png

Applying Spatter-Prevention Liquid

Applying deodorant inside second-hand ca

Applying deodorant inside second-hand cars

Rust roofting on metallic item.png

Applying Rust-Proofing oil on metallic items

Adhesive on interior automtive trim.png

Applying adhesive on interior automotive trim

Adhesive on building material.png

Applying adhesive on building materials

Print circuit boards.png

Applying resist material to electrically insulate printed circuit boards during manufacturing


Applying to inside of cylinders

Scratch Prevention.png

Applying scratch prevention agent on lenses

Lubricents on molding product.png

Spraying lubricant to press molding products

Lubricant to driving chain.png

Applying lubricant to driving chain

Adhesive to v globe.png

Applying adhesive to v grooves

Marking to identify defective products.p

Marking to identify defective products

Adhesive on auto role packaging.png

Applying adhesive on auto role packing machine (1)

Auto role packaging machine.png

Applying adhesive on auto role packing machine (2)

Marking agent on auto role machine.png

Apply marking agent on auto role packaging machine

Liquid abrasive compound.png

Applying liquid abrasive compound

Coating Equipment for entry level of production

ANEST IWATA Spray Equipment cover all kind of liquid application in order to apply with various type of production process.

With the high quality standard of production and emphathize every production process of spray gun. It make to be the world quality standard product and also gain the market share of 70% for airspray gun.

However, to make more understand clearly about the air spray concept. You can click the below link to see more further information.

Screen Shot 2563-07-14 at 14.53.16.png

Picture of ANEST IWATA Factory

Group of ANEST IWATA Liquid Application

ANEST IWATA Product provide the coating equipment for entry level of production.

ROM will present the ANEST IWATA spray gun by categorize into 3 categories following as below;

Manual Gun.png

Manual Spray Gun

There have a major change of main stream series from W-101 to be WIDER1 which replace the old series such as W-101 and W-71 with the better material and provide more material saving even some series are not HVLP version. The atomizing volume still be lower than old series.

In addition, there have more another type of manual spray gun with be designed specially in order to enhance the performance of spraying. For example, extend the length of nozzle or round nozzle for making round spray pattern and specific design manual gun for special material that the ordinary spray gun can not handle it.

Screen Shot 2563-07-10 at 15.41.05.png

Automatic Spray Gun

The spray equipment which include for ordinary paint spray gun and special agent spray gun in order to apply in various type of production and performance is always stable and material is robust and duration.

There have normal type of automatic spray gun for applying with normal pneumatic system or special design for robot. Therefore, we include the presentation of SWAN robot which is the special design equipment of ANEST IWATA for automatic spray gun.

Feeding Cover.png

Feeding Liquid and Accessories

The high quality pressure tank which are available both metal and stainless version for feeding liquid to painting system. Those of item are imported from Japan which guarantee the performance.

In addition, we present the accessories for feeding process of automatic painting system such as pressure regulator, flow controller and back pressure regulator in order to convey the paint flow to multi spray gun in the same time with full performance.


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