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ANEST IWATA WS-200 Air Spray Gun


It is born for Automotive Manufacturer



Air Spray Gun for Automotive Manufacturer



Air Spray Gun with a special nozzle. The split nozzle is made for an automotive manufacturer. It has an advantageous feature which is the material saving and car body and car component surface coverage more than other air spray type.

Can use WS-200 with another industry?


It can be used with another industry for sure. Especially for a workpiece which is less complex than workpiece from the automotive factory for the auto-component factory, it will make spray work easier and save material paint more than ordinary spray gun. Therefore, it can be used with every industry.

WS-200 Air Spray Gun


2 Nozzle for various spray job


WS-200 SP type is the split nozzle series which is the new technology for automotive finishing and FT type is the flat tip nozzle which provides the traditional spray atomization for general spray work.

Structure of WS-200

Air Cap

Pattern Spray Adjustment Knob


Fluid Nozzle

Fluid Hose Connector 3/8"


Air Adjustment Knob

Fluid Adjustment Knob

Air Hose Connector 1/4"

Feature WS-200


1. All wet part is made from stainless steel


All material leading parts such as a nozzle, fluid needle and etc are made from high-grade stainless steel and long life.


5. Easy to remove fluid needle


Smooth action fluid adjustment thanks to needle spring packing


2. Airflow in air-cap


Optimized airflow and easy cleaning due to redesigned baffle ring.


6. High quality of air delivery


Easy maintainable and no risk of damage due to over-tightening thanks to swapped air valve seat with solvent resistant sealing.


3.Needle Spring

No risk of damage thanks to optimized self-adjusting needle packing


7. Friendly design for user

Much less fatigue due to improved weight distribution and grip/trigger ergonomics.


4. Spray gun body with high grade aluminium


Extended lifespan due to extremely durable forged aluminium body.


8. Trigger

Unmatched smooth and sensitive trigger feeling with the ergonomic stainless steel trigger with added POM pad

Spray Pattern Adjustment of WS-200


Precise pattern adjustment following below chart

Pattern Chart.png

WS-200SP Split Nozzle Series for all modern paint systems

WS-200 2 Type.jpg

Spray Pattern of Split Nozzle

Paint output from nozzle with 0.3 bar

Feature of Split Nozzle


  • Very consistent and homogeneous spray pattern

  • Fine and soft application of paints

  • Extremely high transfer rates

  • Unparalleled finish results

  • Reducing process time of application

  • High High material saving potential


Split Nozzle

WS-200SP สเปค อิง.png

Spray Direction from nozzle

WS-200FT Flat Tip Nozzle for Traditional Spray

WS-200 2 Type.jpg

Spray Pattern of Flat Nozzle

Paint output from nozzle with 0.3 Bar


Flat Nozzle

Spray Direction from nozzle

Feature of flat tip nozzle


  • With traditional flat tip nozzle (round nozzle) delivering high-quality results

  • For all conventional paint systems

WS-200FT-2 สเปค อิง.png
WS-200FT-1 สเปค อิง.png

Related Equipment with WS-200

Zip52 Finishing Set.jpg

Diaphragm Feeding Unit

Diaphragm Pump for various standard air spray gun

Anest Iwata Pressure Tank.png

Pressure Tank

Standard Pressure tank for various standard air spray gun


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