E-ELF-PFA: EIGHTLOCK Ferrule Fittings with PFA Lining



Material Structure

Applicable Hose

  • Fluorine Resin Hose

  • Pressure Hose for General Industry

  • Food Processing Hose

Material Fitting

  • Body: SCS16 (Equivalent SUS316L)

  • Ring Nut: SCS13 (Equivalent SUS304)

  • Sleeve: POM

Characteristic and Function

  • By lining PFA resin onto the fitting body inside of EIGHTLOCK FERRULE Fittings, fluids, which cannot stand proof against metals, are transferrable.

  • Semiconductor-related Devices·Flat Panel Display (FPD) Manufacturing Devices Food, Cosmetics, Medical Manufacturing Equipment

  • Manufacturing Equipment for Chemicals and Organic Solvents

Technical Data

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Resin Fluorine Hose

Pressure Hose

Food Processing Hose

Related Information with E-ELF-PFA

Suitable Hose Matching Table (E-ELF)


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Assembly of Fitting for Transfer hose


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Chemical Resistance Data


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Original Information


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Company: Hakko Corporation

Territory: Japan

URL: https://hakko-eightron.com/product/e-elf/


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