Heavy Coat 950/970

The Large Size Piston Pump for Extremely High Viscosity Material and Skim Coat

Structure of Heavy Coat 950/970


1. Quality Spraying

With WAGNER’s professional AG-19 gun for high-performance applications. When used in combination with the Tradetip 3 which has nozzle for fillers. It is possible to handle even high-viscosity material wihtout difficulty.

2. It is a quick and easy task

To depressurize and clean the unit

3. Heavy Coat Special Hose

With a 3/8”, 1/2” or 3/4” cross section for a better spraying performance.

4. Construction site optimized tyres

Avoid punctures and allow easy and convenient transport even on difficult sites.

5. You have the choice

With a choice of 230 V or 400 V electric drive or independent of mains electricity with the Honda petrol engine. The right answer for every application: HC 950 and HC 970 units can be converted from electric to petrol drive (or vice versa) in a few minutes. This makes them able to be used on building sites with no power supply. Both motors are extremely reliable and long-lasting. 

Electric Motor

6. Swing-Cart

Makes it possible to swing up the pumps HC950 and HC970: Practical when working from a bucket or a container but also for transport.

Gasoline Engine

7. Convenience

The adjustable height telescopic handle makes for convenient transport on the building site or in the car.

8. Tidied up

With the integral support hoses up to a length of 60m can be practically stowed away.

Feature of Hydraulics piston for Heavy Coat

Enhanced capacity with special spray power for high viscosity materials

WAGNER’s patented SSP system is a unique development for the handling of high viscosity materials, such as airless spraying fillers, adhesive and bituminous coatings. The special design of the system ensures that the shovel piston continuously fills the pump with sufficient material. This permits trouble-free operation with no pulses. 

“Special Spray Power” is available for all HeavyCoat models (except for HC 750 G). Decide for yourself just how much power you need.

Hydraulics piston for Heavy Coat

High performance by hydraulic pump technology


The material pump of the HeavyCoat units is driven by a hydraulic system. This has the advantage that the shovel valve has a distinctly longer and slower stroke than with electric driven pumps. The high suction power improves the application of high viscosity materials.


The low wear rate and the resulting long service life of the equipment are further positive aspects of hydraulic technology. The wear surfaces of cylinder and piston rod are coated with an extremely wear resistant layer of hard chrome, making them able to withstand aggressive and abrasive materials.


The pressure can be regulated up to 250 bar for perfect matching. 

Internal Structure of Heavy Coat

Technical Data of Heavy Coat 950 SSP

HC 950 SSP-E Electric Motor Version

HC 950 SSP-G Gasoline Engine Version

Accessories with HC950SSP

(Electric Type and Gasoline Type

  • HC950 SSP Basic Unit

  • HP hose DN13; max 250 Bar; NPSM 1/2”; 15M

  • Hose antenna DN10, max. 250 Bar, NPSM 3/8”. 2.5M

  • Connector G 1/2” x G 3/8”, max 530 Bar

  • Airless Gun AG-19, NPS 3/8”, incl. TradeTip 3 Nozzle holder, 250 Bar

Technical Data of Heavy Coat 970 SSP

HC 970 SSP-E Electric Motor Version

HC 970 SSP-G Gasoline Engine Version

Accessories with HC970SSP

(Electric Type and Gasoline Type)

  • HC970 SSP Basic Unit

  • HP hose DN13; max 250 Bar; NPSM 1/2”; 15M

  • Hose antenna DN10, max. 250 Bar, NPSM 3/8”. 2.5M

  • Connector G 1/2” x G 3/8”, max 530 Bar

  • Airless Gun AG-19, NPS 3/8”, incl. TradeTip 3 Nozzle holder, 250 Bar

Accessories with Heavy Coat 950


Spray gun for filler and high viscosity mat.

Product Summary:

To avoid the clogging in nozzle, unable to spray when apply with high viscosity or perform in skim coating project. AG-19 is the large airless spray gun which is built for extremely high viscosity material without trouble. Especially, you can bring to use with skim coating. This is the best choice spray gun and be included in PS 3.39 spray pack set and heavy coat spray pack set.

For technical data and further information. Please see in below link (by click "More Details")


Standard Nozzle for Airless Spray Gun

Product Summary:

Due the Tradetip 3 nozzle has the various size for dynamic application and cover for smallest unit to largest unit like WAGNER 2K Protec. Therefore, it can be used with AG-19 spray gun which is included in PS 3.39 and Heavy Coat spray pack set without trouble.

For technical data and further information. Please see in below link (by click "More Details")

High Pressure Hose

Fluid hose for airless application

Product Summary:

The airless hose for PS 3.39 and Heavy Coat is bigger than the ordinary size so please remark that the hose which is included in piston pump spray pack must be hose size at least 13mm and available for 250 bar. If the size is smaller, it will be the normal hose for normal viscosity. It can not be applied with extremely high viscosity and skim coat. However, you can see another size if you use with AG-14 spray gun.

For technical data and further information. Please see in below link (by click "More Details")

Accessories with HC 950/970

To enhance the spraying performance and other solution for contractor

AG-14 Spray Gun

If you use PS 3.39 or Heavy Coat to spray with material which has viscosity lower than requirement. AG-14 is enable to apply with large piston pump unit. No need to use large spray gun.

You can see more information in below link ("More Details")

Enhance Spraying Performance

Extension nozzle, speed shield for spray pattern protecting and etc. You may found the enhance accessories in this below link


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