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Foam Spray Gun for Helix LP

TITAN Propurge

TITAN Propurge.png

Low Pressure and get the perfect result

The ultimate mix master

Smart Connect Controller

  • Unmatched accuracy delivered by the electronically controlled dual pump system

  • Delivers equal amounts of A and B component increasing yield and chemical performance

  • Improves mixing accuracy by 3 - 5%

  • Independent priming and flushing function makes start-up and clean-up quick and easy

Active heat no matter the temperature

Surefire Hose System


  • In hose heating element manages temperature all the way to the gun

  • Holds temperature accuracy in cold or hot weather conditions.

The industry’s best ROI


  • Compact modular design that’s easy to integrate

  • Low power consumption decreases or eliminates generator costs

  • Field serviceable fluid section keeps you on the job-site

  • Consistent ratio delivers higher yield

Intelligent Pressure Management


  • Automatically compensates for pressure drop regardless of hose length, chemical viscosity or environment

  • Eliminates downtime due to crossovers of 2 feeding chemical unit by maintaining a completely balanced pressure for both chemicals

  • Pressure and temperature managed at the gun optimizing yield

Sprays up to 6.90 Litre/min

LP - 1.png

Maximum Production. Minimum Downtime


  • Double the production of other low pressure guns and spray up to 6.90 Litre/min

  • Eliminates crossovers and the associated downtime

  • Maze nozzle lasts longer than the competition increasing production time

  • Eliminates the need for time consuming maintenance and expensive rebuilds associated with metal guns

Just grab and go


  • Change nozzles with a quick twist

  • No adjustments required just connect the hoses and pull the trigger

  • Spray longer with less fatigue due to the comfort grip with built-in trigger lock

  • Easy to move around due to built in swivels

Maze Nozzle a nozzle that means business.


  • Maximizes yield with efficient maze style static mixer

  • Lasts longer due to the unique air purge system

  • Quick change system makes nozzles fast and easy to replace

Technical Data of TITAN Propurge

TITAN Propurge.png





1. Twist lock collar

2. Maze Nozzle

Maze Nozzle.png

3. Swivels Joint for Foam Hose

4. Comfort grip with trigger lock

Helix LP Propurge Spec ENG.png

Longer useful life

  • Unique air purge system makes nozzle last longer

  • Long lasting low cost spray gun

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