Spray gun for environment friendly


Air Spray gun which is not expensive but provide the efficient spray more than price. MEIJI Spray gun from Japan which has been created by following the principle of user and environment friendly. There have various nozzle size and type to comply with various type of spray work and give the best performance. 



  • Mass Production Factory

  • Metal, Plastic and Wood

  • Automotive Part Factory

  • Applicable both water-based and solvent-based

  • Applicable both low-pressure diaphragm pump or pressure tank

MEIJI F110 Air Spray Gun

F110 Pressure

F110P Air Spray Gun (Pressure Type)

It’s suitable for spray large material paint quantity and use in mass production factory. It’s designed to comply with low pressure pump and pressure tank.


*Required Compressor Output: 1.5 kW Air and Paint Inlet: G1/4

F110 Suction

F110S Air Spray Gun (Suction Cup 750 ml)

For spray a few material paint quantity and low viscosity material. Set include spray gun and suction cup.


Required compressor output: 0.75 kW Air and Paint Inlet: G1/4

F110 Gravity

F110G Air Spray Gun (Gravity Cup 450 ml)

For spray a few material paint quantity and high viscosity material. Set include spray gun and gravity cup.


Required compressor output: 0.75 kW Air and Paint Inlet: G1/4

MEIJI F210 Air Spray

F210P Air Spray Gun (Pressure)

For spray a large material paint quantity. It’s applicable to use in mass-production factory. Use with low pressure feeding pump or pressure tank.


Required compressor output: 2.2 kW Air Inlet: G1/4 Paint Inlet: G3/8

F210 Pressure
F210 Suction

F210S Air Spray Gun (Suction Cup 1 Litre)


Required compressor output: 2.2 kW Air Inlet: G1/4 Paint Inlet: G3/8

MEIJI F110-PX11L The extension nozzle type

Required compressor output: 0.75 kW Air and Paint Inlet: G1/4

MEIJI F55 for Completion Work

MEIJI F55-G05R Spray Gun


Provide the best performance while are using at low pressure. Focus on decorative finishing, repair work, completion for production factory or using at small work shop. For example, hand craft work.

Required compressor output: 0.20 - 0.40 kW 

Air and Paint Inlet: G1/4

MEIJI F410 Hand Spray Gun

High performance Well-balanced, Beautiful Finishing

MEIJI F410 Hand Spray Gun


Beautiful finishing in thin and uniform paint film with wider spraying pattern. Reduction of spraying air pressure, Only 2.5 Bar. Well balanced body. Weight only 415g. Ergonomic with curved grip.

Reduction of trigger load with lower resistance packing. Beautiful gun body with chrome plating brings long lasting and easy cleaning.

Wide range model realizes almost any required spraying. Stainless steel passage for waterborne compatibility. CE and Atex certification are approved.

MEIJI FINER II Automotive Refinishing

(With Side Cup 4GF-U)
FINER Spot G12
(With Side Cup 1G-2U)



Spray gun for refinishing, re-painting, decorative painting which is available to use in garage for auto-body painting or large workpiece.

FINER II is the standard spray gun of FINER series for re-finishing purpose by spraying with various workpiece type with nozzle that it provide resolution more than ordinary spray gun.

FINER SPOT is the ideal for touch up in small area.

This spray gun is different from F55 series. FINER II is designed for automotive re-finishing purpose or decorative painting for large workpiece. In other hand, F55 is designed for art work or hand craft which is categorized into the same application group with air brush. However, it is possible to apply with industry work for small workpiece.  


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