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Accessories for Powrliner series



1. Lazyliner Series



Turn out difficult work to be simple work

Imagine that if you had to change working style from walk and push line striping equipment to be take control on seat. This is the electric cart for improving the working performance to avoid the fatigue from push the equipment by yourself. It support to work longer and make project to be better.

Example of full set of Powrliner

LazyLiner Elite (Code 0290040)

  • 200-Watt lamp coil charging system

  • Engine protection bumper bar

  • Heavy-Duty pneumatic tires (16" x 6.5")

  • Muiti-position seat (forward/back, side to side)

  • Height adjustable foot pedals

  • Compatible with Powrliner 2850 - 8955

LazyLiner Pro (Code 0290041)

  • Standard pneumatic tires (16" x 4.5")

  • Multi-position seat (forward/back, side to side)

  • Height adjustable foot pedals

  • Compatible with Powrliner 2850-8955

2. WindGuard Spray Shield

Eliminate the trouble from wind

Windy is the main problem of airless spray. When airless spray pattern engage the windy flow, the pattern which is low clouded to be high clouded immediately so it can not make line marking on ground. This is the major problem when you using powrline in althelic field. Especially, the football field may have the wind blow. Wind guard eliminate this problem by protect airless spray pattern from wind blow and also to be adjustable following the spray direction.

  • Attaches to any TITAN Powrliner and most competitive model.

  • Spring loaded shields promote forgiveness on uneven surface.

  • Lightweight - only 2.5 kg.


3. HandiBead: Bead Dispenser

Support to dispense accuracy bead on ground 

Support user to pour the glass bead in accuracy and consistent on target. Using hand to glass bead and pour it on ground immediately is not accurate and waste it by falling down out of target. Handibead will keep glass bead avoid to dispense random direction.

  • Adjustable diffuser can disperse material up to 38 cm wide

  • Include 3 nozzles (small, medium, and large)

Hadibead: Bead Dispenser

4. LineSite: Lazer Pointer

Support to make precise line striping

Great to start/stops, curb striping, executing perfectly straight lines and training new employees. High intensity green laser is easy to see in daylight.

  • Include two laser, mounting kit and rechargeable battery pack

  • Compatible with most line stripers

  • Laser Class 3R - please observe the operating regulations.


5.Second Gun Kit

Second gun kit support to make 2 lines striping

These gun kits come complete with mounting bracket, airless gun, hose and line striping tip. Mounts on either side of 4950, 6950 and 8950 Powrliner.

Second gun kit

6.Glass Bead Dispensing Systems

Glass Bead Dispensing Systems

Dispense glass bead while using line striping equipment. This set include hopper for glass bead, hose for glass bead delivery to dispenser.

Glass bead dispensing system

7.SureTrak: Floating Gun Kit

Make the gun float on surface in suitable height

Keeps the gun at the proper height from the surface for perfect lines over rough terrain.

  • Works great on pavement, grass and turf

  • Attaches to powrliner 4950, 4955, 6950, 6955, 8950 and 8955

Floating Gun

8.LazyLiner Tray

Multipurpose tray on LazyLiner

Use this attachable tray system as an option for carrying around additional items.

  • For use on the LazyLiner Pro and Elite


9.SmartArm Assembly

Make the spray gun to place to suitable position

Built to make line adjustments and transportation quick and easy

  • Pivots down for spraying and up for transportation/storage

  • Locks in at any angle for curb striping

  • Adjust gun height (fan pattern) up/down with the turn of a lever.


10.Airless spray gun for Powrliner

Airless spray gun for line striping

Airless Spray Gun

Use the same as other architectural coating spray pack type but the different is the nozzle. It must use TR line (white color) for line striping purpose.

As the spray gun which install at Powrliner is the TITAN brand but the spray gun which distribute by ROM is WAGNER brand so the spray gun from these 2 brands are the same and different only brand label on gun. Therefore, spray gun from TITAN can be repaired by WANGER spray brand or also  WANGER airless gun can replace spray gun on Powrliner. Please see the comparative series and technical data on below;

Comparative Airless Spray gun of TITAN และ WAGNER




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