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TITAN Promark Series

The perfect entry level unit for 2-component cold spray plastics


10 l/min

Promark Series


The TITAN ProMark is the lightest and most inexpensive unit for 2-component cold spray plastics either with 1:1 or 98:2 mixing ratio. The ProMark is recommended for projects on all parking lots and athletic fields and offers the same practical standard as the PowrLiner.

Features of Promark


  • Pump pressure: Adjustable up to 220 bar

  • Max. Delivery: Up to 10 l/min

  • Material Container: 48 Litre

  • Pressurized glass-bead tank: 12 litre

  • Glass-bead gun

  • Engine: 200 square centimeter Honda Motor mit 4.78 kW (6.5 HP), 100W, with Low-Oil alert.

  • Line Gap Control

  • Lightweight: 227 kg empty

  • SmartArm: Can be positioned to spray on left, right, front or rear of striper.

  • Deadlock Handlebars: 3-way easy adjustments

Structure of Promark

Push Button

Spray Technology

Data Center


High pressure feeding pump


Pressurized Beads


Spray gun for ProMark

Pneumatic Auto Actuating Guns

Accessories of Promark

Auto Actuating Gun

Extreme accuracy gives you the ability to hit the mark every time eliminate cable delay.

Pressurized Bead Dispenser

Allows you to optimize bead application to meet today's tough retro reflectivity standards.

On Board Solvent Flush

Makes it easy to keep your equipment clean and in working order.

Line Gap Control

Track your production and performance

  • Speed

  • Pressure

  • Distance

  • Flow

  • Average mils

  • Layout

Technical Data of Promark

Promark 100 = 1 Gun Type

Promark 150 = 2 Guns Type

Promark 200 = 1 Gun Type

Promark 250 = 2 Guns Type


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