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Primary Equipment for all spray pack

This is the equipment which is compatible to use with high pressure spray pack of WAGNER. Built from aluminium which is robust and lightweight in order to use in architectural coating project. Available to use with various size of trade tip nozzle that there are designed for many type of work.

Available for 2 types on demand

VECTOR PRO is the standard type and it is the most regular use. It is included with various type of airless spray pack but there also have VECTOR GRIP which is improved for handle which is more simply to handle. It is available for customer to make consideration.

However, VECTOR PRO and VECTOR GRIP will be presented separately in this website due we need to present with deep detail for each gun.


Nozzle for Airless Spray Gun

Compatible for both standard nozzle TRADETIP 3 and paint efficiency spray HEA TIP

TIP Guard

Protect the finger of contractor to avoid the high pressure spray pattern


Available for both 2 fingers and 4 fingers version

Trigger Guard

In case spray gun fall accidentally down on ground while it is spraying trigger, trigger guard protect trigger to avoid touching with ground and spray out to inappropriate area.

Vector Grip_l.jpg

Tough gun body

Gun body and material inside quality is higher than vector pro for long life using.

Ergonomic Design

Re-designed handle which make a lot of comfortable while hold spray gun

Feature of VECTOR GRIP

ANW_Vector_Grip_Heizk rper.jpg

  • An optimal fit for every hand: Exchangeable ergonomic grip - available in three different sizes

  • Extra long life: robust packings, rotatable ball seat, replaceable ball, spring assembly outside of fluid path

  • Perfect adjustment for any object: Gun comes with 2 triggers. Spray with a 2 or 4 finger trigger.

  • Practical hooks allow the gun to be hung during work interruptions e.g. on ladders and scaffolds

  • Unbelievably cost-efficient replacement of wear parts: ball can be replaced and seat can be rotated. Will have you spraying again in no time.

  • Extremely light trigger: for fatigue-free work

Technical of VECTOR GRIP

Vector Grip_vl.jpg
VECTOR GRIP สเปค อิง.png

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