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Air Spray Pack

For Decorative and Completion of Architectural Coating

Spray equipment for project completion

High pressure airless spray pack of WAGNER whether Diaphragm unit and piston unit support the working duration to be finished quickly which save labor cost and paint quantity but the weakness of this spray pack is the decorative and completion for high-end quality.


If the project require the decorative finishing process with perfect quality, WAGNER provide the finishing device to eliminate the weakness by Finish control and fine coat which use air spray technology instead airless high pressure


Surface area such as cornor, alley, stall and honeycomb designed structure. Using airless high pressure spray pack may face the limitation of performance because the spray pattern from high pressure can not attach this surface. In contrast, the low pressure device provide spray pattern with low speed atomizing and has a chance to attach surface. Combine with HVLP technology, it support to reduce paint quantity.


Therefore, if contractor need to make their painting project to be perfect. Handle 2 spray equipment type is the good solution. Airless high pressure spray pack finish all primary work and then air spray device finish the completion phase in order to make completion of project.


Decorative Spray Pack


Make quality of work to be great

This is the equipment for using in low pressure but provide high volume which emphazie the beautiful piece of work or repair spraying work. Suitable for object which has nun or concavity surface, groove walls that flow spray from airless gun cannot attrach on grooving surface, and grille which need small nozzle size to spray for saving material and improve piece of work.

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Decorative Spray


9900 PLUS 

Compact and easy to use

Permits precise adaptation to the object to be painted and provides and unmistakably fine spray pattern, even with water-based materials.

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The alternative choice for contractor who need the texture gun mini-size for decorative project.

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