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Finish Control the Decorative Finishing Device

Complete finishing work with perfect result.

Decorative Work of WAGNER Technology


This is the air spray application type in order to using HVLP method (low pressure high volume) which emphazie the beautiful piece of work or repair spraying work. Suitable for object which has nun or concavity surface, groove walls that flow spray from airless gun cannot attrach on grooving surface, and grille which need small nozzle size to spray for saving material and improve piece of work. In addition, it's enable to use in general spraying work within 50 square meter area.

From above example of Finish control, finish control show the spraying work which use in limited area and make collection details in piece of work.

Finish Control use an Air spray method to operate. You may see more details in below link;


Equipment for work in limted area and flexible moving to building site which simply transport. It's suitable to everywhere of building site. Especially, using for completion work and repair some error spraying work.


Multi-role finishing equipment for both decorative work and ordinary spraying work within 50 square meter and also use in finishing work which is often changing material. This equipment include 5m material hose to extent range of spray flow.

Type of Nozzle and Material container for Finish Control
There have 3 types for different spraying objective. Select right nozzle will provide the best spraying performance following expectation result.



Nozzle Size:                      4.1 mm

Material Tank:                   Stainless Steel

Filling Quantity:                 1,000 ml

Recommend Application:  Standard Paint

                                          Water-based and                                           Solvent-based         


Nozzle Size:                     1.8 mm

Material Tank:                   Stainless Steel

Filling Quantity:                1,000 ml

Recomment Application:  Low Viscosity



Nozzle Size:                      4.1 mm

Material Tank:                   Plastic Tank

Filling Quantity:                 1,400 ml

Recomment Application:   High Viscosity Material,                                                 emulsion and acrylics

Demonstration Video Link

Video Credit:


Company: Wagner Spraytech (Aust) Pty. Ltd. 

Territory: Australia


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