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The Large Diaphragm Airless Spray Pack


The most powerful and versatile diaphragm spray pack unit

1. Versatility in terms of applications and materials

Thanks to the vibration-reducing WAGNER QLS technology with a longer diaphragm stroke, an extensive range of materials can be processed across a wide spectrum of application areas and project sizes. Small quantities can be processed.

2. Efficiency and Productivity

With a delivery rate of 4.3 l/min, the SuperFinish 33 is the most powerful WAGNER diaphragm device in the professional segment. It delivers on average a 20% performance increase over its predecessor model, the SuperFinish 31. This ensures that projects can be finished quickly, professionally and economically.


3. Long service life, easy maintenance and low wear

Thanks to the QLS technology, fewer replacement parts are needed, which has a positive effect on service life and ultimately also on operating costs. Compared to its predecessor model, the SuperFinish 33 also boasts a threefold increase in the service life of the inlet valves. Replacing the wearing parts such as the inlet and exhaust valves is straightforward and can therefore be carried out directly on the building site.

4. Simple Handling

The system's extreme ease of use means anyone can quickly get to grips with it – even employees without extensive technical know-how. As an additional bonus, the basic unit of both versions includes an integrated toolbox. This ensures that nozzles, filters and tools are always available.


5. Practical multi-gun operation

For parallel use, a distributor adapter for the connection of up to three guns is available separately as an accessory

6. The special ease-of-use of the super finish 33 plus

With just one hand movement, the pump position can be switched from working with the top container to the suction system. The Plus version offers even simpler handling with just one multifunction switch. In addition, the pump features an integrated socket for temperature-controlled spraying.


Super Finish 33 Plus Structure

8. Includes a handy 230V socket

To connect additional devices, such as Tempspray.


1.Ergonomic Working

With the high quality vector grip airless gun. It is light, robust and highly ergonomic.

2. Modular Variants

2-position cart for use with the top container or rigid suction systems


3. Robust, building-site-friendly tires

Allow easy transport across even the most challenging terrain.

5. Direct Suction

Straight from the container for trouble free working - thanks to the special filter with ultra-fine filler mesh.

6. Illuminated multifunction switch for extra safety

Multilevel switch: on/off as well as circulation and spray mode. This prevents accidental switching on or off while the system is under pressure.


7. Outstanding reliability

is ensured by the inlet pusher valve. Just the press of a thumb, and the valve is free.

4. Integrated toolbox

Including a handy organiser to ensure the right tools and accessories are always at hand.


Technical Data of Super Finish 33 Plus



SF33 สเปคอิง.png

Accessories with Super Finish 33 Plus Set

Vector Grip_l.jpg


VECTOR GRIP Airless Spray Gun

Product Summary:

Vector Grip provide the special hand grip in order to support ergonomic handle for using with pressure which higher than Hero 23. It is included in Super Finish 33 Set and available to use with TRADETIP 3 nozzle which is compatible for high viscosity material and use with extension nozzle.

For more information, please see more details in below linke (click "More Details")



The standard nozzle for airless spray gun

Product Summary:

As the super finish 33 plus can be used with high viscosity material with not more than nozzle size 0.033" so Tradetip 3 nozzle size is available in maximum size at 0.061". Therefore, this nozzle cover the specification of SF 33 Plus for material which is high viscosity more than nozzle size 0.023".

For more information, please see more details in below linke (click "More Details")


High Pressure Hose

For Airless Spray Pack

Product Summary:

The airless hose in spray pack will be provided at length 15M which is the recommended length for ordinary painting.

For technical data and further information, please see in below link 

(Please click "More Details" for additional information)

Other Related Accessories

Enhance Performance or alternative solution for contractor​​

The advantage of diaphragm airless pump that it can be used with 5 liters hopper for maintenance work which use a few material capacity or quick dry material that it require to fill in hopper in order to avoid the drying in suction tube.

Extension nozzle, speed shield for spray pattern protecting and etc. You may found the enhance accessories in this below link

HERO 23 can use with airmix application. The air mix spray gun and compressor are available for diaphragm pump. Please see more details in below link.

5 Liters Hopper

Enhance Spraying Performance

Air-Mix Application


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