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Finishing in your hand.

Spray Painting Technology for Everyone

"Everyone can do spray painting" This statement is a reflection of modern spraying technology that has created a paint spray equipment for everyone even though they may not have experience about painting. WAGNER's modern paint spray equipment for household level provides excellent spray performance. It is also suitable for small areas such as private residential area, re-painting work and etc. It is also a learning tool for spray painting in order to understand the spray system and improve to be professional contractor level. The link in below will give you an idea of ​​why the D.I.Y. paint spray equipment is so effective, and instead of using a paint brush, it is the turning point that makes it possible for people to handle painting in their own home.

Professional Paint Sprayer and D.I.Y. Paint Spray

When the spray equipment is minimized to be mini working scale. Professional paint sprayers can take advantage of this applications such as decorative finishing, repainting for missing parts and use in small quantities, making it easier to handle small tasks and reduce preparation time. The device goes very well.

Painting in hobbies and artwork.

The D.I.Y. finishing product division include paint spray equipment for hobbies and artwork, such as airbrush for models or 3D printer models, while other accessories such as spray guns or hot air guns can be applied. For example, small furniture made with special patterns, copper bending with hot air blow gun and etc.

Multi-Purpose Spraying Gun

The multi-purpose spraying gun which has driven by electronic device, mini compact size and suitable for small D.I.Y. project. There are compatible with general material and cleaning agent. Simply use and there have both Airspray type and Airless type.

HVLP Spray Pack for home user

Wall and floor painting with pocket size of HVLP spray equipment for home use. You can inventive your painting as you want.

SEMI-Pro Airless Spray Pack

Control Pro 350 is the small level of airless spray pack but provide the performance quite nearby ProSpray 3.20. It is suitable for working in small area such as residential area by using with acrylic water-based paint and also applicable both D.I.Y. user as semi-professional painter and contractor level.

Piece Gun for Craft Work and Hobby

Meiji Piece gun is built for craft works, art works, drawings, toy painting (For example, plastic model), piece work from 3D printing and other small piece work.

Heat Gun for Multi Application

Heat gun for various application. You can use for removing paint, copper bending, defrost and cooking.

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Wallperfect Flexio W687E 
Control Pro 350



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