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Electrostatic Air assist Airless Spray Gun

For large workpiece from machine make or large complex workpiece and require high pressure spray for fast operating

GM5000EAC Front View

GM5000EAC Rear View

High Pressure Spraying with supporting from electrostatic technology


The example of large workpiece, machine making by order, water tank, large metal furniture that it take operating time more than other type of workpiece even there have an electrostatic technology to support. In order to chive the objective of production that there have the time limit but it need to increase a production volume and reduce the material consumption. We can separate the condition and solution for following below requirement.

1. Quick Painting Cover a huge surface area and spend a few timing. Spraying with airless high pressure can respond this requirement.

2. Cover totally a workpiece surface for whole body  Spraying with air spray can reach the paint into the workpiece surface.


From above 2 requirements, there have only 1 spraying method that can achieve a both 2 requirements in the same spray gun which is AirCoat method (Air assist airless). This method combine the advantages of air spray and airless spray which are the performance of spray pattern control (air spray) and high speed spraying without air (airless) then it make 2 main component of aircoat spray that it include high pressure spray pattern with start from 100 - 150 bar and low air pressure to control the high pressure spray pattern that it support to make atomizing flow cover the workpiece surface better than using airless spray only. The result that it spend a few operating time as it is sprayed with high speed pattern but it still cover completely a workpiece surface. So the GM5000EAC can achieve the 3rd requirement on below;

3. Reducing the material consumption rate The electrostatic technology support the wrap around effect that it help to save the material consumption rate and also increase pace of operating time.

Therefore. the combination of 3 advantages make the GM5000EAC to be high speed spray gun, high performance of wrap around effect and material saving so many of user use this spray gun for large work piece on below picture (For further information of air coat method, please click the below link)


Large Machine with complex surface for some surface area. Using GM5000EAC can help to spray this kind of workpiece, save the paint material cost and reduce operating time that it increase the productivity yield so it is used for large furniture and middle size workpiece such as metal tank, gas tank, small water tank that the surface is less complex and evenly smooth in each corner.

GM5000EAC can be applied with extremely large object in order to increase pace of operation and make the film thickness to be evenly smooth.


Main Component of GM5000EAC




EAC Component - 1.png

Air Cap

EAC's air cap make the low air pressure to control high pressure spray pattern to achive the good atomizing performance. There have 2 types for flat nozzle and round nozzle.

EAC Component - 2.png


Nozzle for GM5000EAC will be separated for flat nozzle and round nozzle for perfect finish. If nozzle is clog after operating, you can re-insert nozzle by turning nozzle direction at 180 angle and spray out. The clog wil be push out from nozzle.


EAC Component - 3.png

Gun Filter

As the high pressure spraying, the material must be small particle because the nozzle size is smaller than nozzle for air spray method and it is required the filter in order to avoid the clog in nozzle. You can change the filter without release paint hose for reducing the operating time.


Compatible for high pressure spray at 250 bar

For applying with high viscosity material, GM5000EAC is designed for spraying at 250 bar which is similar to ordinary airless spray gun and it is the highest pressure electrostatic spray gun in market so it can be used with high viscosity paint and can be used with special long high pressure paint hose.


Technical Data of GM5000 EAC

GM5000EAC Spec ENG.png

Dimension of GM5000EAC spray gun

GM5000EAC Flat Dimension.png
GM5000EAC Flat ENG Dim.png
GM5000EAC Round Dimension.png
GM5000EAC Round ENG Dim.png

Paint Resistant Information and suitable application

Recommend Paint Resistant

The recommend paint resistant value is more than 150 kOhm that electrode can add the electric charge and bring paint to wrap around workpiece automatically.

Generally, the paint for airless spray is small particle so there is no problem with electric charge. No problem about low resistant rate for high pressure spraying.

Summary of compatible application

  • Large work piece such as oil tank water tank gas tank

  • Large Size Pipe

  • Transformer Path

  • Large Scale of Metal or Wood Furniture with evenly smooth surface

  • Large Machine built by order

  • Metal Sheet

  • Workpiece for construction progress


Example of Painting booth Electrostatic Spray Gun GM5000EAC

GM5000 Safety Area.png











The painting booth for electrostatic spray gun

The standard booth for electrostatic spray gun must be arranged follow above.

Suit for painter

You can use standard paint suit. Especially, safety shoes and gloves, if used, must be static dissipative.

Component of Standard Painting Booth

  1. Power Cable

  2. Control Unit for electrostatic spray gun

  3. Grounding Cable

  4. Pump or pressure tank (The feeding unit must be applied for air spray method only such as WAGNER piston pump ice breaker series or WAGNER High pressure diaphragm pump cobra series)

  5. Paint tank or tank for return flow

  6. Floor static dissipative

  7. Spraying stand

  8. Resistant rate for grounding system not more than 1 mOhm. This section transfer ground into workpiece hanger

  9. Workpiece

  10. Conveyor

Suitable viscosity rate for GM5000EAC

The viscosity rate is referred to lacquer as the main material and the recommend rate scale is DIN Cup 4 which is the viscosity cup with diameter size at 4 mm.

The recommend viscosity rate is 25 and 40 DIN sec or even the viscosity at 60 DIN sec, it is still usable as according to below tale (Remark: DIN4 is the standard viscosity unit of industry at Germany, the measurement unit is second by counting from timing liquid falldown flow from cup. The below table is the compatative table with other standard rate)

Document: Viscosity Table Sheet


Please click on left icon to see the table of viscosity in bilingual version (Thai/English)

The guidance of viscosity table for GM5000EAC

The recommend rate is 25 and 34 DIN Cup 4 sec so if we use the other standard rate, please refer to number on row 10 to row 15 in left table Therefore, the viscosity rate in the same row can use. For example, if you use ANEST IWATA NK-2, the recommend rate is 25 and 49 NK-2 sec.

Accessories of GM5000EAC

(Please click "Details" for further information)

VM5000 New Pic.jpg

VM5000 Control Unit


The control unit for electrostatic spray gun solvent-based only and compatible to GM5000EA and GM5000EAC. The main duty is setting the voltage and current rate of spray gun. It can not be used with automatic spray gun and water-based spray gun version.

Finishing Quality.png

Nozzle and Air Cap (High Pressure)

Technical Data for nozzle and air cap of GM5000EAC that 2 these components are built for high pressure spray only. Presented by separating to flat nozzle and round nozzle.

Hose Packet.jpg

Hose set for high pressure

The hose set which include the high pressure hose from WAGNER for 250 bar and Japanese air hose "Hakko Eightron E-AFC-6.5 and also include gun cable for transferring control signal between spray gun and control unit


Paint Resistivity Meter


If you don't sure about material that there have suitable resistant rate or not, WAGNER has paint resistant meter which are RS500 that it show the figure rate from Ohm kOhm and mOhm.

Feeding Unit for Electrostatic Spray Gun GM5000EAC

(Please click "Details" for further information)


Diaphragm Unit

  • WAGNER Cobra


Piston Pump Unit

  • WAGNER Ice Breaker

2K Comfort Internal.png

2K Mixing Unit

  • WAGNER Twin Control

  • WAGNER 2K Smart

  • WAGNER 2K Comfort

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