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Paint Hose Air Hose and Gun Cable for GA5000EAW



Because the electrostatic automatic spray gun will not include the hose set so it is required to purchase separately following below suggested item;

1. Paint Hose for Electrostatic Automatic Spray Gun

Data Summary of GA EAW:

  • DN 6

  • Material FEP or Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene

  • Nominal Pressure 20 Bar

  • Include Fitting

Length of hose:

  • 7.5 m Code 2368087

  • 10 m Code 2368088

  • 15 m Code 2368089

  • 20 m Code 2368090

GA5000EAW Paint Hose.png

2. Air Hose for Electrostatic Gun

The Air hose for automatic spray gun which determine the 3 size of air hose are following as below;

  • Red Air Hose D6 for Air Control

  • Blue Air Hose D10 for Air Atomizing

  • Green Air Hose D8 for Air Spray Pattern or Shaping Air (In case of pattern adjusting from external or EC)


As there have the 3 color of air hose, it support a user to be able to separate the duty of each hose and understand clearly when make the installation of spray gun. They will know exactly the kind of air pressure in each hose. Once they found a problem of air feeding, they can find easily the error point in air hose and support to make investigating quickly. The air hose for spray gun must be high performance, more flexible and resist the bending because it must be used in automatic system and also use the standard material.



The hose color support the separating the duty of air pressure and determine the position of air hose. You can selcect an another color of air hose following your demand or you can use clear color air hose for this case.

3. Gun Cable

Details of Cable:

  • Code2316194 Control Cable External 15 m

  • Main Cable which depend on condition of site.

Main Cable.png

Main Cable

3. Compatible Electrostatic Spray Gun for this hose

GA5000 (New Pic).jpg

Electrostatic Gun


Air Spray

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