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The Electrostatic Air Spray Gun for water-based



GM5020EAW Front View

GM5020EAW Rear View

For mass production factory of small and medium workpiece which consume a huge liquid material capacity with special feature of material saving in significant amount

The combination of electrostatic technology and air spray method

If we said "the best method of paint spraying is AIR SPRARY method because it cover completely surface with the best performance", this message is not exaggerrated at all. As the air spray method, the air pressure is the key power to make paint atomization that this atomizing provide the widest spray pattern so the complex surface such as small auto-part for car, aeroplane, door and etc. The air spray method will be the first priority to consider and solve the normal issue of air spray such as waste a lot of paint from atomizing and overspray. Applying the electrostatic technology to use with air spray is the best decision for solving this issue.

As mentioned, electrostatic support paint to bring the paint atomizing into workpiece automatically, combining with air spray and wrap around feature will make a great performance of coating and save a lot of material consuming.





Air Cap


The basic of air spray atomization is air pressure which is spray throughout the air cap and create the spray pattern. There have air cap for flat nozzle and round nozzle. For more details, please see in accessories topic


Integrated materia valve


The integrated material valve reduces down time because the nozzle can be changed without relieving the material pressure and flushing.

Product Move.png

Pattern Adjustment


Precise and easy needle stroke adjustment can be achieved with the indexing function for fast fine tuning of the paint flow.

Main Component of GM5020EAW

Technical Data of Electrostatic Water-Based Spray Gun GM5020 EAW

GM5020EAW สเปค อิง.png

Dimension of GM5020EAW

GM5020EAW Dimension Pic.png

Flow rate of GM5020EAW (Refer to Round nozzle)

Round Nozzle Flow Rate Graph.png

Round Nozzle EAWRV 5000

Round Nozzle Flow Rate Graph 2.png

Nozzle AWR 5000 DN12 (D12)

Round Nozzle Flow Rate Graph 2.png

Nozzle AWR 5000 DN8 (D8)


Rate g/min = ml/min

Flow rate of GM5020EAW (Refer to Flat nozzle)

Flat Jet GM5020EAW.png

Condition of Flat Nozzle

Viscosity level at 22 second of DIN CUP 4 (or 21 second NK-2 for ANEST IWATA viscosity cup)

Paint hose length 7.5M and inside diameter at 6MM.


Rate g/min = ml/min

Paint Resistant and Suitable application

Recommended Paint Resistant

Before explain about the suitable paint resistant, it is require to explain about 3 types of water-based chemical (or water-dilutable lacquers) which are following as below;

  • Non-ignitable lacquers

  • Hard to ignite lacquers

  • Ignitable lacquers

As above 3 groups of water-based chemical, it must be applied with non-ignitable lacquers water-based type only for electrostatic water-based spray gun. (Include apply under Aqua Coat system) and the specific resistance of the water-based paint must be between 0.5 kΩ cm and 1 MΩ cm.

Application for GM5020EAW

  • Every application must be comply with non-ignitable lacquers water-based chemical.

  • Automotive part, small and middle vehicle. Currently, the proportion of water-based paint is increased for production line.

  • Aircraft part that it require for water-based paint application.

  • Wood furniture (mangrove or wood which has moisture inside) with complex surface.

  • Metal work but the material should be stainless or another type of metal which rust resisted.

  • Plastic and glass (Require the state solution coating before using electrostatic gun)

  • All above must be using within spray area which install ground system and has safety compliance.

Airplane Wing

Part for Aircraft


Some automotive part which require water-based paint

Spray Booth at GM5020EAW.png










Minimum Cable Cross-Section

AquaCoat Cabinet - 4 mm2; AWG 12

Conveyor - 16 mm2; AWG 6

Spray Booth - 16 mm2; AWG 6

Spraying Stand - 16 mm2; AWG 6

  • Safe operation of the AquaCoat system is only guaranteed with a grounding connection.

  • Connect all ground cables using a short and direct route.

Suggestion for using pump, paint tank for electrostatic water-based gun

  • All paints, flushing agents and waste tanks have to be made of metal.

  • All tanks in the cabinet must be connected to the potential equalization. All further tanks must be grounded.

Component of standard spray booth

  1. Signal Ground

  2. Floor static dissipative

  3. Signal Ground

  4. Spraying Stand

  5. Plastic Cabinet which keep the paint pump and tank as the isolated zone for feeding unit.

  6. Control Unit VM5020W for electrostatic water-based spray gun

  7. Resistant rate for grounding system not more than 1 mOhm. This section transfer ground into workpiece hanger

  8. Workpiece

  9. Conveyor

Suit for painter

You can use standard paint suit. Especially, safety shoes and gloves, if used, must be static dissipative.

Suitable Viscosity Level of GM5020EAW

The viscosity rate is referred to lacquer as the main material and the recommend rate scale is DIN Cup 4 which is the viscosity cup with diameter size at 4 mm.

The recommend viscosity rate is 15 and 30 DIN sec according to below tale (Remark: DIN4 is the standard viscosity unit of industry at Germany, the measurement unit is second by counting from timing liquid fall down flow from cup. The below table is the compatative table with other standard rate)

Document: Viscosity Table


Please click on left icon to see the bilingual document

The guidance of viscosity table for GM5020EAW

The recommend rate is 15 and 30 DIN Cup 4 sec so if we use the other standard rate, please refer to number on row 5 to row 12 in left table Therefore, the viscosity rate in the same row can use. For example, if you use ANEST IWATA NK-2, the recommend rate is 11 ad 31 NK-2 sec.

Accessories of Electrostatic water-based spray gun GM5020EAW

(Please click "Details" for further information)


Control Unit VM5020W

The control unit for electrostatic spray gun solvent-based only and compatible to GM5020EAW and GM5020EAWC. The main duty is setting the voltage and current rate of spray gun. It can not be used with automatic spray gun and water-based spray gun version.

Finishing Quality.png

Nozzle and Air Cap


Technical Data of nozzle and aircap for GM5020EAW only by separating into 2 section for flat type and round type

Hose Package for GM5020EAW.jpg

Hose Package for water-based


The hose package include the paint hose which is built for electrostatic water-based gun, air hose and gun cable for GM5020EAW only. Especially, the paint hose can be compatible with water-based paint.


Paint Resistivity Meter


If you don't sure about material that there have suitable resistant rate or not, WAGNER has paint resistant meter which are RS500 that it show the figure rate from Ohm kOhm and mOhm.

Feeding unit for Electrostatic water-based spray Gun GM5020EAW

(Please click "Details" for further information)

Suggestion for choosing feeding unit

The feeding unit section will present both normal version (solvent-based paint version) and stainless version (water-based paint version) within the same content. In order to select correctly feeding unit. Please choose the stainless version as priority to make consideration. In case of pressure tank, please select the stainless pressure tank version because the feeding and tank must be kept in plastic cabinet throughout the operating time. 


Diaphragm Unit

  • WAGNER ZIP52 Finishing



Pressure Tank


2K Comfort Internal.png

2K Mixing System

  • WAGNER Twin Control

  • WAGNER 2K Smart

  • WAGNER 2K Comfort

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