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Electrostatic Spray Gun for Water-Based Liquid Only

Huge Effect from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Currently, the ideal of reducing pollution from VOC in order to protect and secure environment is the priority matter for industry. The reducing of VOC pollution can be done by using water-based liquid to replace solvent-based liquid from some production line. Many of factory has a requirement of water-based application so the painting equipment manufacturer such as WAGNER must complies this regulation and develop equipment for water-based paint.

Even the WAGNER electrostatic liquid spray gun must be complied with this regulation without exception, WAGNER develop new electrostatic liquid water-based spray gun under the name of GM5020W.

To make it be understand clearly the reason why the water-based paint is the significant matter for electrostatic spray gun (and all kind of paint equipment), we will explain about the summary of VOC chemical because this is the main reason to consider the replacement by water-based paint.

VOC: Volatile Organic Compounds


When we talk about solvent-based paint, the main component of this chemical is VOC liquid. You may meet a lot of. VOC application in various industry. As the component of VOC is organic carbon which is volatiled in normal ambient temperature and left behind in eco-system. If there is no suitable control procedure for this chemical, it will make damage to environment. That's why the new generation of spray gun or painting equipment is designed to reduce atomizing rate and reduce risk of overspray. Even the electrostatic spray gun also complies this spray method and develop by adding electric charge into water-based paint in order to make wrap around effect. 

Water-Based Paint for Electrostatic Spray Gun GM5020W

As the water-based paint nature has large partical, low resistant and high conductive. Therefore, the solvent-based version (GM5000) can not apply with this paint because the different in internal structure of gun.

Generally, many of water-based material is not 100% pure water but it is mixed with solvent material but we can identify that this chemical reduce the VOC pollution already. However, this material is required for electrostatic water-based spray gun only because they have water-based chemical component.

In other hand, the lay out of equipment is different from solvent-based paint because the feeding section such as paint container, feeding unit or any accessories which related to feeding procedure must be isolated within plastic cabinet which is the electric insulation. There have more details in next topic.


Electrostatic Water-Based Spray gun and plastic isolator cabinet

Component of Electrostatic Water-Based Spray Gun












Part of each component

Position of Spray Gun Component




High Quality Nozzle


Material Valve


Long Life Packing


Needle with special treatment to reduce waring


High voltage cascade


Material filter (EACW type only)


Pattern Air Adjustment


Material inlet connection


Air inlet connection

Special Feature of WAGNER Electrostatic Water-Based Spray Gun

New generation of manual electrostatic spray guns born to

significantly ease the work of the painter.

1. Flexible Electrode

The ultra flexible electrode provides a reproducible performance of the gun. This guarantees excellent wrap around and high transfer efficiency.

EA Air Cap.png


Even the electrode needle is flexible, we suggest that it should not be bended or touch with workpiece every case in order to maintain long useful life.

Flexible Electrode

2. Human Engineered Design

Designed for reducing operators fatigue. The right combination of ultra light weight, ergonomic design, low trigger force and excellent balance lead to a gun with optimum working comfort for small and large hands.

Large Hand.png

Large Hand

Small Hand.png

Small Hand


Left - Electrostatic Air Spray Gun

Right - Electrostatic Air Coat Gun

3. Robust Design

Rough environment, intensive usage, different spraying materials and more is what the GM 5000 range is designed for. Replaceable hook for low service costs.

4. High Safety Standard

The GM 5000 gun range is compliant with CE and Atex Zone 1 standard. The grounding of the gun is monitored by the control unit for maximum safety of the painter. If grounding is interrupted high voltage is cut off.

5. Excellent Finishing quality

Innovative nozzles and air caps specifically developed to create a pattern with ideal particle size for perfect combination with electrostatic charges to achieve superior performances and quality.

Integrated control panel

Control Panel on Gun.png


The recipe will e changed on spray gun by pushing the button on the spray gun by following 3 recipe in order to support the changing procedure without push button on control unit for obtain the optimal value of each workpiece and suitable for user in each operating round.

However, the details of setting the recipe is required to performed on control unit. Especially, the high voltage rate, current rate which is set based on condition of workpiece for getting the best performance of wrap around. (Please see more details in technical data of VM5020W).

LED signal from spray gun

The green light on led is signal for current recipe used. Each color has a meaning are following as below;


  • Green Light is mean the spray gun is normal condition

  • If orange signal have been shown, it mean the grounding is issued. The problem may occur from distance of workpiece ad spray gun, the paint resistant is not suitable for using so it should be check this problem immediately and also check the other related problem based on reference of user mannual

In control panel, the main button which is used for change recipe. The signal will be sequenced by number of recipe by R1 R2 and R3 and green led light is signal for current recipe.

Voltage switch on/off

Switch on/off for high voltage for safety of flushing process or using under special condition.

Plastic Insulator Cabinet (For Electrostatic Water-Based Spray Gun)


Electric Insulator Plastic Cabinet

The plastic cabinet will be the electric insulator by nature. WAGNER design this cabinet to keep all kind of feeding unit and has a special channel to connect hose from feeding which inside cabinet into spray gun from outside cabinet. In addition, this cabinet can comply both low pressure feeding unit and high pressure feeding unit. For further information, please see in technical data of aqua coat.

Isolation of feeding unit for safety purpose

As the water-based paint has high conductive ability, the feeding unit area will convert to be high conductive area. In the past, the feeding unit area must be isolated and place within iron cage for safety purchase and protect people who walk near isolation area but WAGNER has better solution about efficiency of space using so they create the Aqua Coat plastic cabinet that it is the electric insulator by nature and contain all feeding device such as feeding pump and container. Please see the below picture as the example of area for each related equipment of water-based paint.

Paint hose that connect between pump and spray gun. There have channel in cabinet surface for hose linking from inside to outside.

Zip52 Finishing Set.jpg

Isolated Area

(Inside Aqua Coat


Outside Plastic Cabinet Area

(On surface of Aqua Coat)

Technical Data of Electrostatic Water-Based Spray Gun and Related Equipment

Technical Data will be presented separately into 4 main topics which are electrostatic gun for air spay method and air coat method, AquaCoat plastic cabinet and Control unit VM5020W for water-based version only.

(Please click "Details" for further information)

1. Electrostatic Spray Gun GM5020EAW (Air Spray)

Air Spray Manual Type WAGNER GM5020EAW

As the long experience of WAGNER for electrostatic spray gun for solvent-based paint, it is designed and built for air spray type with high atomize performance and wrap around performance for each workpiece to be same standard for every unit and apply for various type of paint. 

Suitable Application

  • Small workpiece and complex surface.

  • Air Craft Component Industry

  • Industry where have a water-based requirement

2. Electrostatic Spray Gun GM5020EAWC (Air Coat)

Air Coat manual type WAGNER GM5020EACW

The combination of 3 technologies within the same spray gun which include, air spray, airless high pressure spraay and wrap around effect by electrostatic technology so the efficient of spray gun is high and provide a lot of productivity and obtain a lot of return from investment.

Suitable Application

  • Large workpiece or machine making by order

  • Large work piece with complex surface that it cause for air coat requirement

  • Industry where have a water-based requirement

3. Isolation Plastic Cabinet for water-based paint WAGNER AQUA COAT


Insulator Plastic Cabinet for water-based paint

Support water-based application with electrostatic spray gun to be safety and also be designed specially for spending efficiently space to arrange feeding unit and support the painting booth design.

Application Guidance

  • When you use electrostatic spray gun with water-based paint, it is required to use this cabinet no matter what kind of project.

  • Even this cabinet can isolate the feeding unit out of spraying area, the feeding unit must be complies with water-based paint. For example, the wetted part and body must be stainless. Before using feeding unit, please check the unit before contain on cabinet.

4. Control Unit for Electrostatic Spray Gun VM5020W


Control Unit WAGNER VM5020W

The control unit will be present the actual value of voltage and current volume of usage in order to get the optimal spray performance. The condition will be set on on control unit so you can set the voltage and current to match with each workpiece. VM5020W is compatible for water-based manual electrostatic spray gun only. It can not be used with solvent-based spray gun.

Suitable Application

  • For GM5020EAW and GM5020EACW only

  • Memorize 3 recipe only

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