The combination of Aircoat and Electrostatic Technology


In case of large size object such as gas container, large scale furniture, air plane chassis and etc. These are required spray gun which can delivery material paint with high pressure (not more than 250 bar) but it must provide the good quality spray pattern similar to air-spray gun and reduce material cost and working time. GM5000EAC can comply all those requirements with air-coat method which is a combination between air-spray and airless. It use low-pressure atomizing air to assist airless pattern to be good shape and effect to quality of spray work. When electrostatic gun technology support air-coat method, paint will be attached automatically to object surface with wraparound effect. Support to reduce material cost and working time. It is appropriated to use in mass-production plant. You may see the details of AirCoat spray method in below link;

Overview of GM5000EAC operating structure

High pressure feeding unit


Power Supply

Electric Control Device

Electrostatic Spray Gun



Workpiece with ground cable

1. Air compressor feed air to electrostatic spray gun and feeding unit.

2. Feeding unit obtain paint from material container.

3. Power supply feed electric power to control device.

4. Feeding unit feed paint to electrostatic spray gun. 

5. Control device input control command to electrostatic spray gun.

6. Spray to workpiece.

The painting booth must be installed with ground system.

Material Container

Technical Data

*Temperature is determined by celsius

GM5000EAC for solvent-based material


It’s designed for use with solvent-based material and compatible with paint resistant more than 150 kOhm. It’s friendly designed for user, light weight and compact.

GM5000EAW for water-based material


W code behind “EA” mean this electrostatic gun are designed for water-based material. Compatible with paint resistant between 1kΩ.cm to 1MΩ.cm. No HV cascade in the gun and special isolated paint hose. It is recommend to use with WAGNER Aqua Code system.

In case spray water-based paint, please see the detail of specific equipment for this material type.

Application and acessories

Setting at the fingers tip


small button panel are located at rear yellow panel that user can change spray recipe on this panel. No need to change at controller. Warning Light also locate at this yellow panel. Green light show the normal situation. Orange light warn immediately user about gun problem.. For example, ground problem occur etc. It also have on/off switch for voltage on panel.

Air Cap with Guard

Flat jet Air Cap

Round jet Air Cap

Unique air cap


Air Caps for EAC are classified into 3 types by color

  • Flat Spray LV best for low to medium viscosity material. Label is red marking.

  • Flat Spray HV best for medium to high viscosity material. Label is blue marking.   

  • Round Spray for wide spray pattern


The air caps are color coded to avoid mistakes when replacing them.

Flat Nozzle ACF5000


For narrow vertical or horizontal spray pattern, the size are identified as below table;

Flat jet Nozzle for EAC

Round Jet for EAC

Round Jet R Series


For wide spray pattern diameter, start from smallest R11 (0.11 mm) to R22 (0.22 mm)

Example of Application

Large Pipeline


Product Demonstation Video

Video Credit:

Company: Wagner Spraytech (Aust) Pty. Ltd.

Territory: Australia

URL: http://www.wagneraustralia.com.au

High pressure feeding unit for  GM5000EAC
Ice Breaker

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