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WAGNER Evobell the rotary atomizer


The high speed rotary atomizer Evobell 3500 crate a new standard of every spray gun type which focus on surface coating quality, material saving, consistent spray quality and simply service maintenance. 


  • High efficiency of spraying

  • Bell flushing system for intermediate cleaning.

  • Quick change system for the whole atomizer unit. With this the paint material can be waiting at the valves.

  • There is no gap in the valve block to change colors precisely.

  • Double valve block support to change color within a few minutes and ready to use.

  • Disassembly and assembly can performed quickly.

External Structure

Gun Body

Cover the important internal part. For example, material tube, drive unit and valve block.

Bell Atomizer Set

Include 3 primary part are following below;

Bearing Tube

Air Guides (Cap)

Air Cap which support guide the shroud air flow to cover the spray pattern. Available all bell size.


Distributor is looked like to shower. Material paint will be flushed from hole and pass to bell cup. It can use with low to high viscosity materials. Available in different size which depend on bell size.

Bell Cup

The important factor which create the circle shape spray pattern and provide the better finishing quality than ordinary spray gun. Available in 3 different diameters: 36, 50 and 70 mm.

Internal Structure

Air Guide
Resistant Block
Material Tube
Base Plate
Housing Tube
Valve Block
Driver and Bearing Unit

Standard Valve Block (Choosing only 1 type between double valve block) 

1 material feed, 1 material return (dump) และ 1 flushing fluid feed.

Double Valve Block (Choosing only 1 type between standard valve block) 

2 material feed, 2 material return (dump) และ 2 flushing fluid feed.

Material Tubes

It is suitable for all viscosity level.

Related Equipment with Evobell 3500

Adjustment and assembly tools

For assembly and disassembly of the bells and distributors and to adjust the material tube.

Unit Control RBC 1E

Co-Ordinate with Unit Control “RBC 1E”, control automatically the bell speed, control the high voltage, shroud and drive airs. It also control the other process parameters.

Technical Data of EVOBELL 3500

Excellent surface finish


  • It is enable to provide the uniform application of paint and also provide homogeneous film thickness.

  • The large speed of up to 70,000 rpm support the optimal spray quality and make spray pattern to be circle shape and cover all surface area.


  • Interior and Exterior automotive components

  • Agricultural and Construction machine components

  • Plastic components

  • Furniture, window frames

  • Bicycles Frame and Part

  • lenses and mirror

  • Plastic Industry

  • Wood and Metal Industry

  • Toy Industry

  • Paper Coating

  • Cable Manufacturing

Processable Paint Material


  • Solvent-Based 1K/2K

  • Water-Based 1K/2K

  • UV Paint

  • Sol-Gel

  • Micro Corrosion Protection Paint

Demonstration Video

Video Credit:


Company: WSB Finishing Equipment b.v.

Territory: Netherland


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