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Super Finished 23i the Foam Injection Unit

Foam Injection Unit for Concrete Surface Renovation


SF 23i is available to use for grouting work by using Airless system to compatible with foam and epoxy. Especially, when using for injection working, there is no air bubble in chemical and diaphragm system make equipment to more durable, robust and low maintenance expenses.


Simply Use

Start working at low pressure 10 - 20 Bar which depend on work requirement and compatible to use with high vicosity material. Simply maintenance and available to cleaning at building site.

Injector Filler for Commercial Purpose

Super Finish23i Structure


Part List of SF23i

1. Filler Injection Valve (The actual filler valve in complete set is different from commercial picture. Please see in accessories list)

2. Return Tube

3. 5 Litres Hopper

4. Trolley Frame

5. Valve for open or close material flow 

6. Pressure Gauge

7. Switch On/Off

8. Outlet Valve

9. Oil Sight

10. Pressure Control Knob

11. Electric Motor

12. Power Cord

13. High Pressure Material Hose (Available both black and yellow color).

Feeding Material with Diaphragm Type for Super Finish 23i


The powerful big diaphragm can apply with high viscosity material and long useful life. It is suitable to use with regular chemical material such as epoxy and poly urethane both drying area and humid area. Especially, it can be used for low pressure around 10-20 Bar. 

Technical Data of SF23i

Repair hiatus on concrete surface

Working Area

  • Concrete Field

  • Wall

  • Ceiling

  • Ground

  • Concrete Pipe

Processable Material

  • Polyurethane (PU)

  • Epoxy

Accessories of Super Finish 23i

Filler Injector


SF23i are available for all type of filler injector. Filler injector by ROM are built from aluminum with hard stiff. 


Filler Valve and Packer

Packer: The Best Assistant for Concrete Repair


Accessories for grouting which can use in low temperature area and low pressure. ROM provide specifically the good price for customer who has SF23i.


Injection Packer

High Pressure Hose


High pressure hose 5m which compatible for high pressure feeding unit as SF23i.


High Pressure Hose

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