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GM4700 AIRCOAT Spray Gun


Unique Technology from WAGNER


WAGNER bring the advantage of “spraying control” from Air Spray and the advantage of “quick spraying” from Airless Spray to combine within GM4700AC.


  • Spray with high pressure flow together with providing the spray quality.

  • Ergonomic design for handle. Compact lightweight

  • Enable to adjust air pressure in order to create precisely spray pattern.

  • Suitable for work which require spray quality but need to finish in time limit.

Why import a GM4700 only?


ROM Intertrade decide to import GM4700 which is the largest of aircoat manual spray gun because the application of modern day is quite flexible and cover all kind of application better and compatible more type of material. Select GM4700 spray can compete all kind of aircoat application.

AirCoat ????


AirCoat is the spraying technolofy which combine the advantage of air spray and airless high pressure spray to be in the same equipment. GM4700 spraying system is driven mainly by airless high pressure spray but spraying pattern is controlled by low pressure air flow.

Usage Pattern of Air Coat Spray Gun

GM4700 Spraying System.png

Structure of AirCoat Application


From example picture which is depended on industry viewpoint, the significant matter of aircoat is the spray gun must connect with air hose in order to create low pressure air pattern to control high pressure flow. If this spray gun is used with contractor spray pack such as super finish hero 23 (AKA 23 Pro for Europe territory and elite 3000 for USA territory). It require to use with C330 Compressor.

List of Equipment position for GM4700 application

A - Feeding Pump

B - Compressed air shut-off valve

C - Pressure Regulator

D - Air Pressure regulator with air filter

E - Grounding cable

F - Air Hose (Electrically conductive)

G - Air Coat Spray Gun

H - High Pressure Paint Hose

I - High-Pressure filter (If any) /paint pressure release

J - Return line (If any)

K - Pump mounting trolley (Depend on type of pump)

L - Suction System

M - Compressed air network

N - Protective (If any)

Example of application equipment for GM4700

Feature of GM4700

Optimal Atomization


The WAGNER air guidance system enables optimal atomization results for every application. The reduced material pressure porvides an extremely soft spray pattern.



The forged housing ensures high reliability even under the toughest production conditions.

Flexible applications


Adaptation to water or solvent based paint is achieved by simply replacing the air cap.

Ergonomic design


With 2 gun sizes for different users and the low trigger and holding forces of the gun, fatigue-free working is possible.

Suitable Industry Application


  • Wood Furniture Industry

  • Metal Industry

  • Agriculture machine and construction part

Suitable Paint material for GM4700


  • sten, top-coat lacquer and paint

  • Solvent and Water-Based Paint

  • PU and Epoxy

  • 2K Paint

  • Solid Paint


Structure of GM4700 AirCoat Spray Gun

GM4700 Structure.png

Position of GM4700 Component

A - Suspension Hook

B - Low Pressure Air Pattern Regulator

C - Spring Cap

D - Trigger

E - Trigger locking device

F - Air Connection

G - Paint Inlet

H - Union nut with nozzle protection

I - Nozzle and Air Cap

J - Gun housing

K - Turning handle with filter housing

Technical Data of GM4700

GM4700 Tech (ENG).png

Dimension of GM4700

GM4700 Dimension.png
GM4700 DIM (ENG).png

Connector Size

F - Paint Inlet Connector NPSM 1/4"

G - Air Inlet Connector G1/4"

Accessories with GM4700 Spray Gun

GM4700 Air Cap.jpg

AirCap and Nozzle


Air Cap and Nozzle for GM4700 manual spray gun and GA4000AC automatic spray gun. The nozzle is separate for flat and round nozzle for consideration.


Air Hose


GA4000ACAir hose for AirCoat spray gun for manual type GM4700 and automatic type GA4000AC

GM4700 Filter.jpg

Gun Filter


Gun filter has different mesh size for spray gun


High Pressure Hose


High pressure paint hose which can feed paint under maximum pressure at 250 Bar.

Feeding Unit for GM4700


High Pressure Piston Pump


High Pressure Diaphragm Pump

Product Demonstration Video

Video Credit:


Company: ROM Intergrade LP

Territory: Thailand


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