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The Special Center Gravity Cup
Under the Rapid Preparation System

More than a gravity cup. Capacity Parameter is not only advantage feature for this cup.

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Clear Plastic Cup SATA RPS 0.9L Model

The capacity is 900 ml with 2 types of filter following as below;

  • Flat Sieves 125 Micron (Include in RPS Cup)

  • Flat Sieves 200 Micron (Separated Sold)

Gravity Cup for Perfectionist

Push into the limit of paint consumable control


If you think that the RPS cup from SATA has the advantage feature such as clear color cup to check paint inside, parameter for checking the capacity controlling, you may miss some more advantage feature. Even the useful life is shorter than ordinary gravity cup but the special feature of cup is sufficient to offset the short life because the refilling paint is quicker, the vacuum system inside cup can keep the paint for storage and consume in next period and the capacity  parameter provide the value that you can consume precisely a paint.

Quick Paint Preparation

Because every minute is important more than a trial and error

RPS Cup from SATA is made from Germany. The RPS is the definition of Rapid Preparation System that this system provide the fast preparation because the clear plastic cup is remove or reinstall quickly but guarantee that there is no paint leak after the cup is seal so using RPS cup less a changing time than ordinary paint gravity cup.

More than a paint container

The special feature for perfectionist of sprayer

Not only the paint capacity parameter beside cup for check the accuracy of paint consumable volume during spraying, all those of parameter can support the mixing procedure in order to mix precisely and keep the paint quality to be consistent throughout the work process that the ordinary paint cup can not do it and require to make mixing outside.

The cup lid protect the air from outside and can store the paint inside cup and use for next day. This advantage feature is only be found in RPS cup. There is no other type of paint can handle this feature and using this cup is an intention for keep paint quality to be the standard for whole work. Especially, in case of using many paint and mix it in advance.

Characteristics of RPS which is different from other cup

RPS Special Feature

For perfect spraying work

The lightweight cup that it make overall weight for spray gun to be lighter and reduce the fatigue from handling.

  • Provide the standard adapter of ANEST IWATA for Super Nova WS-400, LS-400, All KIWAMI4 model.

  • With an adapter for using cross brand, the co-operating with ANEST IWATA spray gun is constant, even the material flow, supporting the sprayer to get a perfect finishing results.

  • Base on the rapid paint preparation and changing, the cleaning is quick.

  • As the smoothly surface of RPS cup, it reduce the consumable rate of cleaning agent whether water-based or solvent-based.

  • The special lid shape ensures complete consumption of the paint contained in the cup without left over on surface.

  • Large number of mixing ratios which is up to 100 variations.

  • The standard size that R.O.M. make a selling is 900 ml or RPS 0.9L. The reason, RPS useful life is shorter than ordinary cup and maximum usage should not more than 10 times (Base on re-filling time) so the capacity should be more than ordinary cup.

RPS Adapter - KIWAMI4.png


Adapter for non-SATA spray gun

It is available for connector G1/4 which is the same size of ANEST IWATA Paint Cup PC-G600P-2. The compatible spray series are following as below;

  • All KIWAMI4 models

  • Super Nova WS-400 and LS-400


Insert Position of RPS Adapter

Application of RPS Cup. It is more than a cup container.

RPS Mixing.png

1. Mixing Feature

Paint Parameter beside cup is not for checking capacity only.

In order to reduce the operating time, RPS can be used for mixing operating immediately as the parameter paint can identify the mixing ratio with clearly figure and provide precisely the mixing result.

Once the mixing is completed, you can bring an RPS cup to attach on spray gun to work without problem because there have a flat sieve inside cup which is available to be purchased both 125 micron and 200 micron so the paint is sufficient quality to be sprayed because it is filtered already.

With this feature, you may skip the pouring paint from mixing cup and refill into cup container on spray gun process and avoid the dirty from paint spill.

RPS Spray.png

2. Spraying and Refilling Feature

The combination of between perfection and promptness


Normally, the RPS cup is lighter than PC-G600P-2 so the overall weight of spray gun is lighter and paint capacity of RPS 0.9L is more so the operating time per period is shorter. The paint changing is quicker and also reduce the fatigue during the handling.

In addition, if you have reserve RPS 0.9L cup and contain the mixed paint already. The refilling is faster and the paint quality is constant because the RPS cup can keep the mixed paint to maintain a paint quality. You can see more details of storing in next topic.

RPS Storing.png

3. Storing Feature

Reduce the paint consumption in long term

Previously, the refilling paint is just bring a paint cup to connect with spray gun and operate immediately, the storing feature can support a spray gun to be work faster and save more paint.

In ordinary paint cup, when you finish the spraying work, the remaining paint in cup must be disposed totally but RPS 0.9L cup can keep it buy upside down the cup to let the paint flow down on bottom cup and remove out from spray gun. Then close the cup lid to avoid the outside air to maintain the paint quality. If the cup has a flat sieve inside, please keep a cup by upside down to avoid the paint left over on sieve. In other hand, if you have second or third paint and other paint for cleaning agent (Depend on type of main material), it reduce a lot of working time. If you use a same nozzle size, it reduce a lot of working time but the paint quality is still be the same.

RPS Dispose.png

4. Disposing Suggestion

Appropriated Disposal Procedure

As the RPS cup useful life is shorter than ordinary paint cup and this cup is intended to be used one time only because the main purpose of cup is reduce the consumable cleaning agent capacity.

In repeatable used, it should not be re-used more than 10 times because the quality of cup is depreciable every time of re-using.

Compatible of ANEST IWATA Spray Gun for RPS Cup






Demonstration Video


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