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Liquid and Air Transfer Hose and Fitting

Hose and Fitting for Coating and Production Process in Industry

Resin Hoses (as an example of flexible fluorine resin hose series), manufactured by HAKKO CORPORATION, transfers fluids at your ease.

Both HAKKO the manufacturer and ROM the distributor provide the best product to manufacturing industry in order to enhance the production quality for giving the best product to society.

Hakko Logo.png

HAKKO the Leading of Hose Manufacturing at Japan

The applicable Industry of HAKKO Hose

Cosmetics/Fragrance/Food/Beverage Hose
Cosmetic and Food.png
Medical 2.png
Medical Devices/Analytical Instrument Tubing
Water, Oil and Air Hose for Paint Equipment and Machine Tools
Semi Conductor 2.png
Semiconductor-Related Devices/Chemical Hose
Printing Machines/Paints and Solvent/Ink Hose
Printing Machine 2.png

Reason for Using HAKKO Hose

Frequent Failure of using non-standard hose and fitting or unmatched item

Failure 1.png

Hose Burst

Failure 3.png
Failure 2.png

Coming off from the Fittings

Using non standard hose and fitting or unmatched item may have a problem following example picture

Leak from the hose

Characteristic of Hose and Fitting by Hakko

Paint Hose.jpg

Safe and Long Duration

  1. Secured: HAKKO Original Fittings are designed and manufactured by HAKKO themselves, so there is no mismatch between hose and fittings.

  2. Safety: HAKKO clearly specifics the guarantee value of working pressure and temperature when hose and the fitting are used.

  3. Long Duration: Pass the repeated pressure test (100,000 times) with HAKKO and HAKKO Original Fittings.


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Flexible Resin Fluorine

The flexible transfer hose by resin fluorine material which provide many type for various industry and various size which start with the smallest size 2 x 4 mm and the quality of hose is high. This series provide various type in order to coverage the application such as chemical, paint, air, food and beverage and ink.

industry worker

Pressure Hose for Industry

Hose for production process in industry and it is built to be pressure resistant. This hose are designed specially for long life using.

Beer Factory Tours

Food and Beverage Hose

Hose for food and beverage industry which use material with sanitary quality. The information will be presented together with food certificate.

Air Compressors

Air Hose

High quality air hose for painting and air transfer for machine which is driven by pneumatic system.


Paint Hose

Hose which is designed specially for surface coating whether manual spray and automatic spraying system and also available for solvent and water-based. Also include the paint conductive hose for avoiding the electro-static.

Ink Jet Printer

Ink Hose for Ink Jet Printer

Hose for ink which is transfer to ink jet printer. Available both transparency hose and UV Cut hose


Fitting for Multi-Purpose Transfer Hose

Fitting and Joint for multi-purpose transfer hose following below;

- Resin Fluorine Hose

- Food Processing Hose

- Pressure Hose for General Industry


Fitting for Paint and Air Hose

Fitting and Joint for painting procedure as following below;

- Paint Hose

- Air Hose

- Available for quick coupling fitting

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