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E-SJUS-BK: Ultra Soft Flexible Fluorine (ETFE) Resin Tubing Black (UV Protection)


E-SJUS Real Picture.png

Material Structure

Applicable Fluid

Feature of Product

E-SJUS-BK Structure.png
  • Chemical

  • Ink

  • UV Paint

  • Solvent

  • Non-PVC

  • Non-Adhesiveness

  • Chemical Resistance

  • Oil Proof

  • Low Elution

  • UV Cut

  • Flexibility

  • Alcohol Resistance

  • Cold Resistance

  • Low Odor

  • Solvent Resistance

Characteristic and Function

  • UV Cut: By cutting ultraviolet, E-SJUS-BK is suitable for transferring UV-based paints, adhesives, and inks.

  • Chemical Resistance: Since the inner layer is made of ETFE fluorine resin, E-SJUS-BK is resistant to most of the chemical substances.

  • Flexibility: Due to the laminated structure, compared with the conventional single-layer fluorine tubing, E-SJUS-BK is superior in flexibility. This improves your work efficiency.

  • Hard to Break: Unlike the conventional single-layer fluorine tubing, our ETFE fluorine resin tubing is hard to break. (Even if it breaks, you can restore its shape to some extent.)

  • Non-Adhesiveness: Since fluorine resin is superior in water-proof and non-adhesiveness, you can wash out the fluids very easily.

  • Plasticizer-Free: E-SJUS-BK does not contain plasticizer at all, so you do not have to worry about the elution to the ink.

  • Non-PVC: E-SJUS-BK is an eco-friendly tubing, which uses Olefin Resin and Styrene Resin Elastomer.

  • High Purity: Fluorine resin does not contain any additives such as plasticizer, so this tubing is suitable for transferring high purity chemical fluid

  • Easy to Cut: Since we print the cut mark on the tubing every meter, it is easy to cut the length you would like to.

  • Green Procurement: E-SJUS-BK is compliant with RoHS2 requirements.

  • Ultra Softness: Compared with E-SJ-BK, E-SJUS-BK is much softer, leading to high working efficiency.

  • Original Fittings: By using our original fittings, you can avoid accidents which are caused by incorrect choices of hose and fittings.

Technical Data

E-SJUS-BK Tech ENG.png

Related Information of E-SJUS-BK

Suitable Fitting of E-SJUS-BK



The suitable fitting is the same as E-SJ-BK so please refer to E-SJ-BK

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Analysis and Testing Report


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UV Testing Report


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Chemical Resistance Data Reference


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Demonstration Video from Original Manufacturer


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Video Credit:

Company: Hakko Corporation

Territory: Japan


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