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HIGH PRESSURE PISTON PUMP for Heavy Duty Production Line

Robust and consistent for whole useful life


The word "Robust" and "Consistent" present clearly the personality of WAGNER high pressure feeding unit. Even the smallest piston unit such as Evomotion 20-30 and ice breaker series, the standard piston unit are robust as much as their useful life if it has been always serviced and changed wear part in properly procedure throughout useful life. The piston unit can be operated for 5 - 7 years and performance still be 100% as same as day 1 operation.

Because the component of piston feeding unit is built from high quality material and assembly with perfect quality for every component. Every part of piston pump is operated with 100% performance. The pump designer predict the depreciable situation of piston wear part in order to design the service maintainer module by user so this unit is assembly and disassembly with simple produce and make user to be comfortable when perform the service maintenance.

All content which is mentioned on above make WAGNER piston feeding unit to be the high quality product and be the one of leading feeding unit in the market.

High Quality piston pump technology


The piston pump unit is robust, high performance and unique. Therefore, ice breaker is the specially choice for high pressure feeding application with high performance air motor which make piston pump to be used smoothly and provide the best praying result. It can be used various application such as window, wood cabinet or apply for heavy duty for various industry.

Structure of High Pressure Piston Feeding Unit WAGNER


The piston feeding unit is designed by using the same basic structure that it is the natual of pump design. It has been separated into 2 main section which are air motor section and fluid section. In each series is different in size and internal fluid passage which depend on size of compatible spray gun.

List of piston feeding pump basic component

  1. Control housing with integrated silencer

  2. Air pressure regulator

  3. Ball valve

  4. Air motor

  5. Compressed air inlet

  6. Mounting flange

  7. Separating agent cup

  8. Product outlet

  9. Fluid section

  10. Product inlet

  11. Grounding connection

1. Air Motor (Air Operating Device)


The Pneumatic piston pump that it is driven by air pressure from compressor which is the required component for pump. The air pressure will drive the piston to be moved as double stroke (up and down) in order to feed the material so the air motor is significant component that it is assembled in the up section of pump.

2. Fluid Section


The fluid section is the significant component for material feeding procedure that it can be operated when there have air pressure from air motor to activate piston in order to move as double stroke. It is depended on size of pump that it provide the different flow rate. Absolutely, this part will be depreciable when start to operate normally.

As the significant component of pump has 2 sections so the service maintenance, cleaning, inspecting and wear part changing will be concentrated for these 2 section so the WAGNER piston pump unit is designed for simply service maintenance.

Relationship of air mortor and fluid section


Piston will be activated when air motor feed air pressure flow to piston area that the piston make feeding pump drain material into unit and feed out to spray gun. The relationship for these 2 section will be present as pump ratio. Normally, the air motor always be bigger than fluid housing because more bigger in air motor will make more fluid pressure. For more details, it will be described in "calling feeding pump" topic because there have meaning of pump ratio.

Piston Pump Structure (New).png

The size of air motor always be bigger than fluid housing area in order to make fluid pressure feed.

Special Feature of piston pump unit

1. Reliable

Pump is designed to make motor and valve reduce risk of ice formation within pump in case of using at winter area.

2. Under Full Pressure

Air pressure which feed from air compressor will be consumed efficiently. It make pressure to control operating of pump

3. Safe Operation

Pressure Regulator are monitored by ball valve in order to open/close air pressure flow to pump. If turn off ball valve after operating, ensure that there is no pressure leave in pump after release pressure.

4. Service Friendly

Fluid section and motor air section are quick access and release in order to support service maintenance.

5. Filtration and Recirculation

The simply clean material filter combine with the fluid recirculation valve in order to clean inside pump and feed paint with more performance.

6. Performance and durability

Every part of piston pump is created by high quality performance. Main material is stainless steel which avoid the rust while touch with material paint. Wetted part for accessory item such as packing is created from PE/TG and PE/T which are flexible material and longer use to keep maintain performance of feeding paint. 

7. Easy and long lasting

Large ball valve in fluid section is created from hard metal ensure that it create the powerful suction force and extremely long working life. In addition, it is simply cleaning without disassembling the fluid section.

Example in Production Line

Reading the name of piston pump of WAGNER

The number code on piston pump has 2 position. For example, Puma 28-40; 28 is the pump ratio by compare with 1 so the ratio is 28:1 and second position is mean the flow rate per CCM by 1 double stroke. The details will be separated to present into 2 topics.

First Position (The max. pressure rate by pump ratio)

As we explained that the pump ratio is the comparative size between air motor and pump housing, bigger size of air motor will provide more pressure volume. Suppose the area of fluid housing is 1 portion, air motor is bigger than house at 28 portion so the pump ratio is 28:1.


When we have the pump ratio, we pick up the number 28 to calculate the maximum pressure. Normally, 1 portion of air motor can generate the pressure at 8 Bar approximately. In other hand, the 1 portion of pump ratio is not the same in each other and the area of fluid housing of each pump is different. For simply understanding, we can use approximately number by using 8 Bar to multiply with first code number by following calucation on below;

  • Find the max. pressure of Puma 28-40: 8 Bar x 28 = 224 Bar


Therefore, 28-40 can generate the max. pressure at 224 Bar that most of WAGNER pump provide the pump ratio with approximately 8 bar.


But Finally, there is no WAGNER pump which provide max. pressure more than 530 bar even multiply with  approximately 8 bar. The final result must not more than 530 bar by following example on below;

  • Find the max. pressure of Protec 95-150: 8 Bar x 95 = 760 Bar But the actual specification provide only 530 Bar (Please see more details in technical data of piston pump)


Because the length size of fluid section shorter than other WAGNER Protec Series so the pressure per 1 portion of pump ratio is not equal to 8 Bar. In addition, the piston pump which has the same pump ratio at 35:1 such as leopard 35-70 and 35-150 have the different max. pressure which are 250 Bar (1:7.14 Bar) and 270 Bar (1:7.71 Bar) respectively because the size of air motor and fluid housing is not the same size.

Therefore the max pressure must be referred to actual specificiation because the 8 bar is approximately number only in order to estimate the max. pressure. It can not be used to identify the max. pressure for each pump. Please use the max. pressure which is identified in each pump specification as the main resource.

Second position (Max. Flow Rate)

The second position present the max. flow rate by CCM per 1 double stroke. Normally, WAGNER piston pump generate double stroke (up and down movement will be count as 1 stroke) for 60 strokes per 1 minuts so this pump can generate max. flow rate following as below;


  • Find the max. pressure of 28-40: 40 CCM. x 60 DH (Double Strokes) = 2,400 CCM or ML


However, it is required to check the pump specification to check that how many og maximum double strokes per 1 minutes. It does not provide the actual max. flow rate in technical data but they give only max. double stroke and flow rate per double strokes.

Technical Data of piston pump unit and accessories



Flow Rate
40 CCM - 150 CCM per 1 DH

The standard high pressure piston pump and provide flow rate not more than 150 CCM per 1 double strokes (Pison up and down movement). Start with smallest piston pump Evomotion 20-30 and PUMA 28-40 PUMA 21-110 and Leopard 35-150 which is regular use in tile industry and furniture industry.

Please click "more details" for further information on below link

PROTEC Series.png


Flow Rate
150 CCM - 300 CCM per 1 DH

Large piston pump for heavy duty industry. Especially, feeding the extremely high viscosity material and be operated continously for long time and feeding under pressure range 400 - 500 Bar which is not more than 530 Bar and the biggest pump provide max. flow rate at 9,000 CCM per 1 minute.

Please click "more details" for further information on below link

Accessories for HP.png


For High Pressure Feeding Unit

This accessories is designed to use with high pressure flow rate by following below equipment;

1. High Pressure Material Filter

2. Suction Tube for High Pressure Unit

3. HP Material Pressure Regulator

4. Heater

and more accessories. Please click "more details" for further information on below link

Spray Gun for HP Feeding Unit

Manual Spray Gun for High Pressure Feeding Unit


Airless HP Spray Gun


Electrostatic HP Air Coat Spray Gun

Air Coat Spray Gun

Protec ได้Airless Spray gun which can spray at 250 Bar and 530 Bar in order to be used with HP pump. Especially, the PROTEC GM-1 can spray for 530 Bar pressure.

Electrostatic Air Coat Spray gun for High Pressure Application. GM5000EAC is available for spraying range 150 Bar - 230 Bar.

Air Coat Spray Gun GM4100 is applied with HP feeding Unit.

Spray Gun for HP Feeding Unit

Automatic Spray for High Pressure Feeding Unit


Airless HP Spray Gun


Electrostatic HP Air Coat Spray Gun


Air Coat Spray Gun

WAGNER GA400ALAirless Automatic Spray gun which can be used to spray at 250 Bar by WAGNER GA400AL

Electrostatic Automatic Air Coat Spray Gun GA5000EAC which can be applied for spraying at 150 Bar - 230 Bar.

Automatic Air Coat Spray gun GA4000 is available for HP feeding Unit.






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