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The Beginning of History

The Success and Turning Point

Mr. Vorapongse join WAGNER at ThaiMex Co., Ltd. At that time, everything must start from zero because WAGNER does not have market share and customer in Thailand before so he and other employee must build customer base and expand market share with themselves. WAGNER support them only the technical information. Even though they operated business in highly industry growing period but they encounter many competitor from other spray equipment brand so it is not simply to expand their market share.


Then situation is better and WAGNER market share in Thailand is reached to target, he has been promoted as a manager and also as a guest speaker about spray paint equipment at various seminars.


However, Thaimex policy was changed to concentrate other business sector. This changing effect to make WAGNER change authorized distributor. They provide the proposal to him by giving authorized dealer in Thailand as he has experience about WAGNER product.


Since he worked at ThaiMex Co., he has been in charge of WAGNER products for a long time, has a good knowledge of the product and has a customer base so he decide to take this opportunity and establish his own business to be WAGNER authorized distributor in Thailand.

Before R.O.M.

R.O.M. officially started on 29 October 1987, according to the trade register. However, the beginning point is start before that.


In the 1980s, this is the industry growing era of Thailand. As national policy plan to make Thailand to be one of NICS (New Industry Country) of Asia. There have many capital investment from foreign company invest in Thailand industry. There also have a lot of new technology for production arrive to this country. Especially, modern machine, equipment and any new technology of industry tool. One of them is spray equipment.


In fact, spray equipment have come to Thailand already, but in the 1980s, many global brand of spray equipment come to assign authorized distributor in Thailand territory. Especially, many famous brand from Japan, europe and america appoint the dealer for this period.


WAGNER come to Thailand industry through its first distributor, ThaiMex Co., Ltd. During the first period, the management recruited the first sales staff to create the market and customer base. At that time, Mr. Vorapong was recruited to be ThaiMex staff.

Official Appointment the authorized distributor of WAGNER

R.O.M. official established on 29 October 1987 but the effective of authorized distributor status is 25 January 1988 following the appointment letter on below link;

Official Letter


During the founding period Mr. Vorapong establish his business together with Ms. Pranee (his wife) and operate business with him. He work as business owner, salesman and technician. Except back office work, he almost did everything. Later on, he recruit staff and train them to be technician staff and then create R.O.M. service team.


Not only current customer, he also expanded to the new market.  R.O.M. also the 1 of first venture to join the INTERMECH exhibition. At that time, the exhibition was arranged at underground floor of Central Ladprao (in 1990). He also introduce the first WAGNER electrostatic spray gun and other related equipment in Thailand market. And then he is the first person to bring WAGNER powder coating to introduce in Thailand Market.

Now and Future

Over the past 30 years, R.O.M. has been with the surface coating industry in Thailand and has encountered a major economic crisis such as the "Tom Yum Kung" in 1997 but still stands to this day. Our priority for industry is "Behind every painting”. There are two things to prove that we have paint spray equipment products covering almost all application types. We also provide after-sales service with more than 20 years of experienced technicians and spare parts service any time for our customer.

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