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Accessories - Hose Package

Hose set for paint hose,  GM5000EAC


Hose Packet.jpg

Hose package for high pressure spray which include paint hose air hose and gun cable for transfer signal from control unit VM5000 to GM5000EAC. There have 3 hose are following below;


  1. WAGNER High Pressure hose with diameter 4 mm

  2. Air Hose for transferring air to air cap

  3. WAGNER Gun Cable GM5000E for inking signal between control unit and spray gun.

All of these hose will be included in one set. Please see the below details.

Hose Package for GM5000EAC

1. Hose Package for High Pressure Method GM5000EAC

แผนผังชุดสายสีสำหรับ GM5000EAC.png

Picture of position of each hose in set. The actual product may different from above picture.

Component of Hose Set

1. WAGNER High Pressure Hose

2. Air Hose

3. WAGNER Gun cable GM5000E

Length of hose position (For all type of hose set)

A: 29 mm The discrepancy of length is +- 2 mm

B: 47 mm The discrepancy of length is +- 2 mm

C: 300 mm The discrepancy of length is +- 10 mm

D: 20 mm The discrepancy of length is +- 10 mm

E: 1,500 mm The discrepancy of length is + 100 mm

1. WAGNER High Pressure Hose

Feature of Airless High Pressure Hose:

Material hoses for transferring surface coating fluids, e.g. lacquer, hardener, solvent, separating agent or stains up to working pressure levels at 250 bar. Hoses made of PTFE or FEB are recommended for aggressive fluids such as isocyanate-based hardeners.

Basic Specification of Airless High Pressure Hose:

High pressure hose for GM5000EAC is required for 4 mm and be available for 250 bar and connect with fitting 1/4 NPS" (include in airless hose). The length is classified in to 4 size on below;

  • Length 7.5 M for hose package 7.5

  • Length 10.0 M for hose package 10.0

  • Length 15.0 M for hose package 15.0

  • Length 20.0 M for hose package 20.0


2. Air Hose for electrostatic manual spray gun

Feature of Hakko E-AFC (Data Summary):

The blue air hose which is built from polyurethane and inner surface with conductive polyurethane for prevent the electrostatic

Hakko E-AFC Application for hose set:

Only 1 hose size is Hakko E-AFC I.D. 6.5 mm x O.D. 8.9 mm for all type of hose set. (Please click "More Details" for further information)


3. Gun Cable GM5000E for Electrostatic Spray Gun

Details of Gun Cable:

The standard gun cable of WAGNER for connect the signal and transfer data between spray gun GM5000EA, GM5000EAC and VM5000 control unit. There have 4 length size are following as below;

Code 2339157 GM5000E Gun Cable 10M

For hose set 7.5M

Code 2339158 GM5000E Gun Cable 15M

For hose set 10M

Code 2339159 GM5000E Gun Cable 20M

For hose set 15M

Code 2339160 GM5000E Gun Cable 25M

For hose set 20M

Gun Cable Picture.png

4. Fitting for Air Hose E-AFC-6.5


Because the high pressure hose can not be sell by meter. It is required to order follow the determined length by manufacturer only and include fitting. So there have only fitting for air hose only and technical data will be presented on below;


Details of Fitting:

Compatible with air hose at I.D. 6.5 mm x O.D. 9.5 MM so it is available for E-AFC-6.5.

Please click on below link for further information

Summary Table of Hose Package in each length

EAC Hose Set Pic.png
  1. Hose Package

  2. WAGNER High Pressure Hose

  3. Air Hose Hakko E-AFC

  4. WAGNER Gun Cable GM5000E

  5. Protective Hose Sleeve (Except for automatic version)

Hose Set GM5000EAC ENG.png

3. Suitable Electrostatic Gun for this hose package


Electrostatic Spray Gun



Air Coat

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