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Hose Package for GM5020EAW


GM5000EA Hose Package.jpg

Hose set is the necessary item for spray gun. The high performance of hose support the atomizing performance to be better and avoid the disrupt of spraying process. The hose for electrostatic spray gun must have the standard. The hose package for electrostatic water-based spray gun is built from WAGNER and be available for AquaCoat System. Especially, the water-based paint hose must be connected between inside plastic cabinet to outside cabinet.

Hose Package GM5020EAW

1. Hose Package for Water-Based Painting

Hose Pump Site.png

Grey Hose: Paint Hose

Blue Hose: Air Hose

Hose Image for Pump Side

Hose Gun site.png

Position of each hose component in 1 package

List of hose package component

1. WAGNER EAW Water-Based Paint Hose

2. WAGNER Air Hose

3. WAGNER Gun cable GM5000E


*Heat and fuse protective hose ends and bend inwards by approximately 5 cm

**Fix the protective hose with cable ties on both sides only once at the product hose.

***Fix the hose set within the protective hose approx. once per meter by means of adhesive tape, starting at distance "E".

Length of hose position (For all type of hose set)

A*: 200 mm The discrepancy of length is +- 2 mm

B*: 171 mm The discrepancy of length is +- 2 mm

C: 300 mm The discrepancy of length is +- 10 mm

D: 20 mm The discrepancy of length is +- 10 mm

E: 1,500 mm The discrepancy of length is + 100 mm

F*: 182 mm The discrepancy of length is +- 1 mm


*Use an assembly gauge for distances A, B and F!

1. Water-Based Hose for GM5020EAW

Technical Data of Hose:

Standard inside diameter: 6 mm or 3 mm​ (Please select one by one item)

Material Hose: FEP or Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene is the ethanol propylene which include fluoride within component.

Nominal Pressure: 20 Bar

Hose Application:

The hose will be separated into 4 type of length. Start from 7.5M 10M 15M and 20M. Every length type will have a inside diameter in the same size. However, you may select only 1 type of inside diameter between 6MM or 3 MM

Every type of paint hose can be connected with spray gun automatically.

2. Air Hose for GM5020EAW

Technical Data of Hose:

Standard inside diameter:: 8mm for every hose package


Hose Application:

The air hose size will be used the same diameter size for all hose package set since 7.5M to 20M whether the paint hose inside diameter is 6mm or 3mm. The air hose inside diameter is 8mm and it is included together with paint hose in the same package. The fitting in paint and air hose can be connected with spray gun.

3. Gun Cable GM5000E for Electrostatic Spray Gun

Details of Gun Cable:

The standard gun cable of WAGNER for connect the signal and transfer data between spray gun GM5020EAW, GM5020EACW and VM5020W control unit. There have 4 length size are following as below;

Code 2339156 GM5000E Gun Cable 7.5M

For hose set 7.5M

Code 2339157 GM5000E Gun Cable 10M

For hose set 10M

Code 2339158 GM5000E Gun Cable 15M

For hose set 15M

Code 2339159 GM5000E Gun Cable 20M

For hose set 20M

Gun Cable Picture.png

Summary of Table of hose set for length and position

Standard Hose Set.png
  1. Hose Package for Spray Gun

  2. WAGNER EAW Water-Based Paint Hose

  3. WAGNER Air Hose

  4. WAGNER Gun Cable GM5000E

  5. Protective Hose Sleeve

EAW Hose Package ENG.png

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