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Accessories - Hose Set

Paint Hose Air Hose and Gun Cable for GM5000EA


GM5000EA Hose Package.jpg

Hose set is the necessary item for spray gun. The high performance of hose support the atomizing performance to be better and avoid the disrupt of spraying process. The hose for electrostatic spray gun must have the standard. This accessories will be separated into 2 categories following as below;

  1. Hose set which incude paint hose air hose and gun cable that it connect to VM5000 control unit.

  2. The special hose; Spiral Tube for metallic and low resistant paint.

For paint hose and air hose, ROM use the Hakko Eightron from Japan to apply with electrostatic spray gun. The solvent hose from HAKKO is the world class standard and more durability.

Hose set for GM5000EA

1. Hose set for GM5000EA (Solvent-Based Only)

Gun Hose Set.png

Picture of position of each hose in set. The actual product may different from above picture.

Component of Hose Set

1. Paint Hose

2. Air Hose

3. WAGNER Gun cable GM5000E

Length of hose position (For all type of hose set)

A: 29 mm The discrepancy of length is +- 2 mm

B: 47 mm The discrepancy of length is +- 2 mm

C: 300 mm The discrepancy of length is +- 10 mm

D: 20 mm The discrepancy of length is +- 10 mm

E: 1,500 mm The discrepancy of length is + 100 mm

1. Paint Hose for Electrostatic Manual Spray Gun

Feature of Hakko E-SV (Data Summary):

Liquid hose transfer for solvent-based material which is built from 3 layers of surface and include ground line (black line) that it is the conductive polyurethane to transfer to electrostatic into ground cable

Hakko E-SV Application for hose:

Every type of hose package use the same inside diameter of paint hose as 6.5MM so the E-SV-6.5 can be applied every length of hose start from 7.5M 10M 15M and 20M

(Please click "More Details" for further information)


2. Air Hose for Electrostatic Manual Spray Gun

Feature of Hakko E-AFC (Data Summary):

The blue air hose which is built from polyurethane and inner surface with conductive polyurethane for prevent the electrostatic

Hakko E-AFC Application for hose set:

Only 1 hose size is Hakko E-AFC I.D. 6.5 mm x O.D. 8.9 mm for all type of hose set. (Please click "More Details" for further information)


3. Gun Cable GM5000E for Electrostatic Spray Gun

Details of Gun Cable:

The standard gun cable of WAGNER for connect the signal and transfer data between spray gun GM5000EA, GM5000EAC and VM5000 control unit. There have 4 length size are following as below;

Code 2339157 GM5000E Gun Cable 10M

For hose set 7.5M

Code 2339158 GM5000E Gun Cable 15M

For hose set 10M

Code 2339159 GM5000E Gun Cable 20M

For hose set 15M

Code 2339160 GM5000E Gun Cable 25M

For hose set 20M

Gun Cable Picture.png

4. Fitting for paint hose and air hose



Details of Fitting:

Compatible with transfer hose at I.D. 6.5 mm x O.D. 9.5 MM so it is available for E-SV-6.5 and E-AFC-6.5 for 

Please click on below link for further information


Image of E-FBG-6.5-G1/4 Fitting Application for GM5000EA

To be connected with E-SV-6.5 and E-AFC-6.5

Summary of Table of hose set for length and position

Standard Hose Set.png
  1. Hose set for electrostatic spray gun

  2. Solvent-Based Hose

  3. Air Hose

  4. WAGNER Gun Cable GM5000E

  5. Hose Cover Sleeve (Except for automatic version)

Hose Set GM5000EA (Revise) ENG.png

2. Spiral Tube for low resistant paint

Coil Tube Assy.jpg

Spiral Hose:


The special hose for low resistant paint. Especially, it is used for metallic painting.

As the large particle paint such as metallic has high conductive rate so the paint resistant is low rate and electrode can not add electric charge into paint with full performance. the solution is using the spiral tube that it extent the length to be 216 mm and the spiral will interrupt the conductive bridge by sedimentation of the metallic particle. Therefore, the particle mass will be reduce and electric charge can be added into liquid metallic.


And the this spiral tube can use together with standard hose set. That why's there is not electrostatic sprahy gun LowR series in our inventory.

Warning: Even this spiral tube can use with low resistant paint but if the main spray gun is GM5000EA, it still can not use with water-based paint.

Spiral Tube Manuall.png

Spiral Hose

Code 2355046


Position of Spiral Tube on GM5000EA

3. Compatible Electrostatic Spray Gun for this hose package


Electrostatic Gun


Air Spray

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