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Accessories for High Pressure Feeding Unit



The significant component which is required for high pressure feeding unit

The high pressure feeding unit whether piston pump or diaphragm can not be operated without required additional component. The 5 significant components are spray gun, paint hose, suction hose filter and mounting (stand) which is the required component for feeding process from outside to inside of feeding unit and the final destination is spray gun. As the high pressure feeding unit require pressure using more than 100 bar, the accessories device must be able to operate under this pressure level without issue.

For spray gun and paint hose, it is not included in this section because it is separated to present at spray gun section. The significant component include suction tube, filter, mounting unit and also other accessories that it can be applied with feeding unit.

35-150 Trolley.jpg





HP Piston Feeding Unit - Completed Set

1. Airless High Pressure Spray Gun

2. Trolley

3. High Pressure Filter

4. High Pressure Suction Hose

PIC_EQU_Cobra-40-10_liegend mit GM4700.jpg




HP Diaphragm Feeding Unit - Completed Set

1. Airless High Pressure Spray Gun

2. Hopper

3. Stand

Accessories by function

Flexible Hose.png

HP Suction System and Container

Scope of work:

Suction tube for high pressure feeding unit both piston pump and diaphragm unit. The suction tube will immerse and drain directly in paint container. The hopper 5L for diaphragm feeding unit.

HP Filter Full Set.png

High Pressure Filter

Scope of work:

The material filter which is available for feeding material at more than 100 bar and filter material to be proper quality before feed to spray gun.

4 Wheel Trolley.png

Stand Mounting and Trolley

Scope of Work:

Arrange the position of feeding unit in proper location. There have a 3 types such as stand, trolley and wall mounting.

Material Pressure Regulator 1 - 200 Bar Full Option.png

HP Material Regulator

Scope of work:


The material pressure regular and back pressure regulator for 100 Bar


Material Agitator

Scope of work:


Agitator from ANEST IWATA which avoid material to be silted



Scope of work:

For painting system which require the maintaining temperature of material process.

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